Fog, three school-runs, a parents’ evening

Wednesday 6 March 2013

There is fog first thing, but it is not as dense as yesterday morning. At 07:37 the streetlamps are off, and the fog seems denser. Ten minutes or so later, I see Mrs Wheeler’s car depart.

Mrs Pavane’s car arrives, performs a three-point turn, and parks alongside number 31 approximately — it is lost in the mist!
Mr Fern’s car parks by the left-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn, then Al and Myra’s car parks by the centre-right of the front lawn.
A woman who could be Mrs TR, wearing a black anorak with the hood up, is heading away from the school as she walks past Vinnie’s short hedge. She has a boy with her.
Scarlett has parked alongside number 35. She gives Small Boy a shove between the shoulder-blades — there is contact, I’m pretty sure — and he scampers across the road, on a trajectory that takes him slightly uphill. Scarlett and Tiny Boy cross together; she is holding his right hand in her left hand. On the far side, a white Ultra has been parked for some time. Scarlett leaves Tiny Boy at the nrc of that car, and — standing on the pavement, facing outboard — briefly speaks with its female driver. (Small Boy has joined Tiny Boy.)
Esmé has parked alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and front side lawn.

At 09:35 the fog is lighter.
I go to the recycling centre with — at last! — cousin Naomi’s analogue TV, plus a few other items. Then I go to TeraGroce. When I reach the street where Bert’s used to be, the fog has become very dense. A silver Media, driven by a young man, follows me from there to the TeraGroce car-park — I am amazed that the Media doesn’t have its lights on. When I return to the Old Man’s house, I can hear the noise of children in the school playground.

At 11:12 it is about as foggy as at 09:35.
Mrs Fern drives past the Old Man’s house, and when I next look she has parked alongside number 35. There is a dark Okra estate car beyond her. Both Mrs Fern and Freddie are dressed in red. She carries him from the nose of the car to the far side of the street. Scarlett also drives past the Old Man’s house, and parks alongside numbers 31 and 29.
The Old Man’s garden-gate was closed when I returned from TeraGroce, but now it is ajar — the postman, who has delivered a bill, must be to blame!

Just after 14:45 it is as foggy as it was during the latter part of the morning. Esmé has parked alongside the Efords’ house and the house next door.
A minute or two before 15:00, the Ojays’ car has parked by the centre-left of the Old Man’s front lawn. Mrs Ojay lifts the baby out of the nearside rear, and carries him across towards the Ports’ drive.
At 15:10 or so, Esmé has been loading up for a while. Once in the car, she reverses (for no clear reason), then drives off in the direction of George Street. She gets no further than the upper part of the school-house garden — then she has to reverse so that cars heading in the opposite direction can come through. She reverses to probably beyond where she was parked!
Several minutes later, Mrs Ojay returns to her car with her son and daughter. Miss Ojay has light-brown hair, tied close at the back of her head. She goes to the ord of the car, but just stands there on the pavement. Mrs Ojay, who has put Master Ojay into the car via the nrd, touches her daughter on the head and opens the ord for her.
Mrs Oldgreen’s car approaches from the direction of George Street, turns, and parks alongside the junction-box. (The fog is now lighter than it was even five minutes ago.) Four or five minutes later, Mrs Oldgreen returns with Minnie who is wearing a pink anorak. Minnie get into the car via the nrd.
At 15:43 it is much less foggy, but at 16:28 the fog is denser again.

At 17:38 it is a bit less foggy. All the windows in the upper storey of the school are brightly lit, and windows 2, 3 and 4 of the BE, plus its glazed roof. Window 1 of the BE is dimly lit.
Fifteen minutes later, Partner’s car is parked alongside the junction-box, one-third onto the pavement. He gets out via the driver’s door and crosses the road, alone. (A parents’ evening must be taking place — earlier, I have seen other cars parked hereabouts that I often see on the school-run.)
An Ultra is blocking the Ports’ drive, which is vacant. Mr Port’s van is parked part-way onto the pavement by the Thornboroughs’ hedge.
At 18:22 or so, Partner’s car has gone, and the upper storey of the school is in darkness.

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