Return of Mrs Tanbrit

Thursday 7 March 2013

At 06:02 there is a light on at two houses in Victoria Street, and at 4 and 8 Cypress Crescent, and an exterior light is on at a house in the street beyond Cypress Crescent.
The roadway and pavements are wet.
There is no fog, but at 06:35 it is a bit murky over the Banlieue.

At 06:55 Mr Port’s van is still where it was during the parents’ evening. It has gone about an hour later.
Towards 08:30, Mr Fern’s car is parked by the right-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn. A black Ultra is parked alongside the junction-box, not quite half-way onto the pavement. Mr Fern takes his daughter Fifi, who is wearing an ankle-length purple skirt or dress, across the road and past the nearside of the black Ultra. Perhaps today is a dressing-up day.
Scarlett drives past the Old Man’s house not long after 08:38, and parks beyond the driveway of number 35. Small Boy gets out via the fpd, and performs a 360-degree anticlockwise pirouette. Tiny Boy is wearing a red hat — another indication of a dressing-up day.
Some time after 08:45 I see another girl in a long purple skirt; she crosses the road towards the Efords’ driveway. Behind her is one more girl wearing a long skirt — I think this girl is Miss Wormwood.

A few minutes before 10:00 I notice that Mrs Pavane’s car is parked at the kerb alongside number 8 and number 10.
When I check the daffodils at about 10:50, I find that some of them are in bud but none are in bloom.
Miss Trimot’s car parks at the kerb by the Old Man’s front side lawn.
Mrs Fern’s car arrives, turns, and parks opposite the school — probably a little beyond the lower entrance.
A black Volvo parks by the right-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn. Mrs TR and her daughter cross the road, to reach the nose of the Volvo. Miss TR, like a lot of the girls today, is wearing a long skirt. She gets into the car via the fpd, and Mrs TR gets in via the nrd. The Volvo drives off up Acacia Grove.

Some time after 12:35, Mrs FW’s silver-grey Mégane is parked alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and front lawn. Mrs FW, a woman aged about 40, with neck-length brown hair, is standing on the roadway at the B-post of the Mégane. She is facing rearwards to where a black Ultra is parked by the middle of the Old Man’s front lawn. The driver of the Ultra is Mrs Tanbrit: an attractive woman aged 30 or a little beyond, with long dark hair brushed smooth. She has a rather American-style fixed smile; her cheekbones may be high, or it may be the smile that makes them look that way. Mrs Tanbrit is standing at the driver’s door of her car. She and Mrs FW talk for a while, without approaching each other. Then Mrs FW advances to the offside A-post of Mrs Tanbrit’s car, whose driver’s door is now half-open. Mrs Tanbrit is still standing on the roadway.
At 12:48 the Ultra reverses, and drives off up Acacia Grove; then the Mégane does just the same. Both cars need to reverse, so as to have enough clearance — in the case of the Mégane, because Miss Trimot’s car is still at the kerb by the Old Man’s front side lawn.

At 14:27 Mrs Pavane’s car has gone. The weather is dry and fairly clear, as it has been since before the late morning school-run.
When Mrs Wormwood returns to her car with Miss Wormwood, I see that the girl is wearing a pale-purple top and an ankle-length purple skirt. Mrs Wormwood is carrying her daughter’s green anorak.
Scarlett parks by the far right of the Old Man’s front lawn, well away from the kerb. Tiny Boy is not with her.
There are two Escargots parked alongside Vinnie’s short hedge: a black one to the left and a pale-blue one (the Ojays’ car?) to the right — both nose uphill.
Tiny Boy looks very pleased with himself — perhaps because he has spent a full day at school — as he trots or toddle-runs back to the car. There is no sign of his red hat.

At 16:05 a green Laguna which is often to be seen on the school-run parks by the left-hand-side of the Old Man’s front lawn. The driver is a man, the front passenger is a woman who looks at her phone once the car has parked; there is a four-year-old boy in the nearside rear. They head for the school. When they cross the road, the mother holds the boy’s left hand; the father reaches for the boy’s right hand, but never gets to hold it — perhaps the boy doesn’t want daddy to hold his hand, perhaps the mother deems it sufficient for her to be holding the boy’s hand.
The Laguna has gone at 16:38.
A couple of minutes before 17:00, a blonde is descending the far pavement with a hefty man inboard of her. Then I realise the blonde is Esmé — her Pantech is parked alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and front side lawn. The body of the car is clean, but its alloy wheels need washing.
Just after 17:30, Mr Essex gets into the Pantech. He is wearing a blue or black baseball cap, a light-coloured sweatshirt, and darker trousers. The Pantech soon departs up Acacia Grove.
At 17:58 a grey Bonsai is at the kerb alongside Vinnie’s short hedge. I’m not sure whether it is Mrs Wheeler’s car.
By a few minutes after 18:00 the upper storey of the school is in darkness. At 18:19 it may well be raining — the roadway is wet. Two hours later, it probably is raining.

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