Demotion and reminder

Friday 8 March 2013

It is a murky day. At 05:55 the houses on Cypress Crescent are barely visible.
The minibus departs from alongside the Thornboroughs’ house at 07:32.

Mrs Wheeler parks alongside number 35. She is dressed in a red-and-purple anorak and grey trousers. Maud is wearing a pink anorak and pink leggings. Josh, who is probably about six years old, is wearing a dark anorak. Mrs Wheeler is bare-headed, but Maud and Josh have their hoods up. Mrs Wheeler marshals the kids at the nrc of the car, and crosses the road holding Josh’s right hand and Maud’s left hand.
Partner’s car parks alongside number 35, and the Kulaks’ car parks by the far right of the Old Man’s front lawn.
Partner opens the nrd of his car, leans in, and brings out Small Boy’s sandwich-box. Then Small Boy emerges. Partner opens the fpd and Tiny Boy gets out. Perhaps Small Boy has been demoted for bad behaviour.
Small Boy crosses the road by himself, adopting his long-striding gait.
Esmé approaches from the direction of Cypress Crescent and parks by the left-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn. When she gets out of the car, I see she is wearing a black hair-ribbon one end of which protrudes slightly. Master Essex, whom Esmé ushers out via the ord, is wearing a blue anorak. Esmé is carrying Master Essex’s red book-bag and two little bags which appear to have drawstrings (all three with her left hand), as well as her own big cream-coloured shoulder-bag. She is also carrying a book; after struggling to open the book-bag and insert the book, she instead pops it into her shoulder-bag.

At 09:40 the fog is denser. I go shopping at AltGroce. When I get back, the fog is not quite so dense.

The black Volvo parks by the middle of the Old Man’s front lawn.
Mrs Fern’s car is almost half-way onto the pavement, by the uphill side of number 35. Max Kulak parks alongside number 33. He gets out of the car at 11:22; a minute or two later, another car of the same model and colour, but with a spoiler on its tailgate, approaches from the direction of George Street and drives past the Old Man’s house.
Mrs TR gets out of the Volvo. The male driver remains in the car. As she crosses the road, Mrs TR puts her hood up.
Max Kulak returns with his son.
Mrs TR and her daughter return; as previously, the girl gets into the car via the fpd, and Mrs TR via the nrd — which she has to get the driver to unlock remotely.
Max Kulak drives off, then the Volvo, and then Mrs Fern.

At Sandbank Shoals, the queue fills the public side of the shop.
The serving-staff are waiting for the next batch of chips. “Anyone not wanting chips?” asks Young Girl. The proprietor, Big Man, who moments earlier has come forward to the front of the kitchen, dryly remarks: “This is a chip-shop.”
When I get back to the Old Man’s house at about 12:25, Mrs Oldgreen’s car is parked at the kerb alongside the Efords’ house.

The Wormwoods’ car arrives at 14:46, parking in the usual place.
At 14:55 Mrs Ojay parks to the left of Vinnie’s garden-gates. She is wearing dark clothing and black leather boots. She kisses the baby, and carries him at her left front. When she returns to the car fifteen minutes later, she is carrying the baby, and the red book-bag and pink shoulder-bag of her daughter. The car reverses. then departs up Acacia Grove.
Miss Kellner, a girl with dark-brown hair, perhaps ten years old, gets into the Kellner family’s cream-coloured Zero which is parked alongside the Old Man’s front lawn.
At 15:24 there is a gaggle of children and adults ascending from the school. A couple of minutes later, about seven of the children (five of them in HV vests) seem to have entered the Kingdoms’ house.
Towards 15:30, the silver Peugeot with the “scrape” drives past the Old Man’s house. It seems about to stop at the kerb alongside number 35, but it continues towards George Street where it turns right.
At 16:02 Mrs Pavane’s car, which has been parked opposite the school (between the middle and lower entrances) at the far end of a line of parked cars, drives off past the Old Man’s house.

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