Pestering, pollen, plasma, practice

Sunday 10 March 2013

Early this morning, Mr Jebec is retrieving the Mothering Sunday flowers that he has kept in his MPV overnight. He tells me that for a couple of hours, the children have been pestering him to go and fetch them.

Mrs England is suffering with hay-fever, brought on by birch pollen.
Mr & Mrs Michaels tell me that they have recently bought a big plasma TV and a 2TB external hard-drive.
When they were trying to improve their younger daughter’s chances of admission to a prestigious secondary school, they hired a maths tutor. One of the first things the tutor did was to teach the girl her tables — intensively, in about two weeks. The tutor also practised number-bonds with her. Since then, Miss Michaels junior’s knowledge has become a bit rusty.

[Original posting 10 March 2014]

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