Snow day

Monday 25 March 2013

At 07:52 a slim woman gets out of a dark hatchback which has parked opposite the school, just this side of the lower entrance. She crosses the road, taking care on the icy surfaces, then walks downhill on the pavement, reaches the lower entrance. and goes in. Her car is a little way from the kerb, and protrudes from the line of parked cars.

Half an hour later, Al and Myra’s green car is parked alongside the Efords’ house. The sun comes out, but not for long. Mrs Pavane’s car is parked alongside number 33.
A few minutes afterwards, a small boy in a red anorak emerges from behind the school-house and approaches a smaller boy in a black anorak who is flailing his arms in the snow near the wall at the downhill end of the garden. He seems to be scooping up the snow. The two boys reach the pavement, and head downhill. After another few minutes, the boys and a previously-unnoticed woman have ascended to a silver Peugeot hatchback which is parked alongside the upper part of the school-house garden, a little way from the kerb as far as I can tell. They get in, and the car departs, driving past the Old Man’s house.
Al walks up the pavement to his car, carrying his son at his left front, and puts him in at the nearside rear. The boy is wearing a blue anorak and a red woolly hat. After a short delay, Al drives off past the Old Man’s house.
At 08:45 the royal blue Rubin with wide wheels has parked alongside the Efords’ house. A few minutes later, a blonde woman wearing denims and boots returns to the Rubin with her daughter; both of them get in via the driver’s door. The car soon departs.
The tree alongside number 35 is swaying gently in the breeze; the top of the tree is clear of snow, but some snow is falling from the lower branches.

At 10:31 there is bright sunshine. Mrs Pavane’s car is still here. The patchy ice on the roadway by the Old Man’s house is melting.

At about 13:30 I hear the yelping of a dog — the sound seems to be coming from the CJs’ house. A few minutes later, Mrs Pavane’s car has gone.

The sun has come out by 14:40, and soon is shining brightly.
The car that I saw at 07:52 is still here until some minutes before 15:30.

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