Easter bonnets

Wednesday 27 March 2013

At 05:37 there is a light dusting of snow on parked cars. but not on the roadway or on cleared paths. Ten minutes later, light snow is falling.

At 08:10 the snow is moderate, no longer light, and it is swirling in the breeze.
A little before 08:30 the Kulaks’ car parks alongside number 35. It changes position slightly, for no clear reason, before Mabel returns to the car — so Max must be the driver. The car departs up Acacia Grove, in the direction it arrived from.
Al parks alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and the left-hand side of the front lawn. Not long after that, Al’s son is standing by the nearside rear of the car, and clearly is reluctant to move. Al scoops him up and carries him horizontally (with his head to the left) along the pavement, across the road, and down to the school.
The sun briefly comes out, but it is still snowing.
Scarlett parks level with the school-house path.
Esmé parks by the middle of the Old Man’s front lawn.

At 09:05 the snow has almost stopped and there is weak sunshine. I drive to Cheerful Market to do some shopping. A few snowflakes are falling as I return to my car in the car-park, and when I get out of the car on the Old Man’s driveway.

Just before 11:15 Mrs TR is walking past Vinnie’s long hedge. This is the first time I have seen her this visit. She is wearing a dark anorak, medium-blue denims, and boots that don’t quite reach up to her knees. She has her phone to her left ear, and in her right hand she is holding a blue school-bag, or book-bag, which has a blue handle.
Scarlett arrives from the direction of George Street, and parks alongside number 35 — just beyond the brown Origami which has been here for a few minutes.
A little crowd of people has gathered at the middle entrance. Scarlett joins this crowd at its uphill side, near the wall of the school, and facing downhill. She is stepping without moving, as though cold and/or a little impatient.
Mrs TR returns from the school with her small blonde daughter inboard. Although Mrs TR is carrying something in her left hand, there is no sign of the blue bag.
The driver of the Origami returns to the car with his son, who is wearing a yellow cowboy-hat. Perhaps this is a dressing-up day? However, when Scarlett returns to her car with Tiny Boy, he is wearing his dark anorak with a red pullover underneath, and the same bobble-hat as yesterday — nothing unusual about that. Scarlett is carrying some sheets of paper that appear to have large printing, or designs, all over one side. When she has opened the fpd for Tiny Boy, she puts those sheets of paper on top of the nearside of the dashboard. Scarlett drives off past the Old Man’s house.

I drive to Sandbank Shoals at about 12:35. Mrs Oldgreen’s car is alongside the upper part of the school-house garden, nose downhill.
At Sandbank Shoals here are three people ahead of me in the queue. Nobody joins the queue after me, but when I leave the shop, a man is about to enter. Tubby Woman serves me with fish and chips. There is no sign of Bossy Woman, Young Girl or Fat Boy. My fish is the only one left in the drainer, but it turns out to be quite warm enough. The chips aren’t very warm, but their taste is good.
After driving off from my usual parking-spot, I loop round via the service road, and I see the Wormwoods’ car about forty or fifty yards to my left, parked on the right-hand side of the road. Is this where the Wormwoods live?

At 14:00 there is very light snow, but it is becoming quite sunny. Soon there is bright sun.
Esmé arrives early, as usual, for the afternoon school-run. Her car is alongside the Efords’ house not long after 14:35. Ten minutes later she is at the tail of the car, getting the push-chair ready.
The Wormwoods’ car parks a little way beyond its usual place. The Kulaks’ car parks beyond the Wormwoods’ car.
It is quite sunny, and the sunshine is getting brighter.
A little before 15:05, Mrs Wormwood and her daughter are ascending from the school, on the roadway. Miss Wormwood is wearing a white hat with a red-and-green floral pattern. The crown of the hat is dome-shaped, and the rather lacy brim is about two inches wide. Miss Wormwood gets into the car via the nrd.
Light snow has started falling, and the sun has gone in.
Esmé folds up the push-chair and puts it into the load-area of the Pantech.
Scarlett parks opposite the lower entrance, reversing into the space. I see Tiny Boy standing on the snow-covered pavement or grass verge, to the offside of the car. When Scarlett and Tiny Boy cross the road, his left hand in her right hand, she isn’t exactly pulling him but she is setting the pace — not an exceptionally fast pace, though. She returns with three boys; the third presumably is Other Boy. Scarlett shoos the boys across the road — Tiny Boy may be in the lead, Other Boy is definitely at the rear — then she follows them across.
As Scarlett’s car drives off past the Old Man’s house, I see that the front passenger — Small Boy? — is wearing a somewhat shapeless bright-yellow hat.

At 20:23 the full moon is above Vinnie’s house, at a moderate elevation.

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