Plum positions

Thursday 28 March 2013

I have enjoyed a very good night’s sleep.
There is no snow on the left-hand side of the roof of the school, but there is still some in the centre and on the right-hand side.

A few minutes before 07:00 Mr CJ is on his back garden, near the shed.
At 08:31 the Kulaks’ car has parked alongside number 35, and Mrs Cantor’s car alongside the Efords’ house.
Scarlett parks alongside the upper part of the school-house garden. She and both her boys get out via the driver’s door.

I go shopping at AltGroce. As on my trip to Cheerful Market yesterday, both when I return to my car in the car-park and when I get out of the car on the Old Man’s driveway, very light snow is falling.

In the late-morning school-run, Al parks alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and the left-hand side of the front lawn. He returns from the school carrying his son at his left front. The hood of the boy’s blue anorak is up. In Al’s left hand is something yellow which turns out to be a paper crown. When they reach the nearside rear of the car, Al puts his son down and opens the nrd. His son gets in by himself.

At the end of lunchtime, a silver 5-door Plum approaches from the direction of George Street and parks by the centre-right of the Old Man’s front lawn. A shaven-headed man aged 30-35, and a girl aged probably 4, get out of the car. She scampers across the street. The man joins her on the other side, and takes her right hand in his left hand. They descend to the school past Mrs Oldgreen’s car, which is parked by the upper part of the school-house garden, and past Mrs FW’s car which is nose-to-nose with Mrs Oldgreen’s. The man and the girl enter the school via the lower entrance.
Mrs Oldgreen returns to her car. She is bare-headed today, despite the cold. She opens the tailgate and puts something into the load-area, then slams the tailgate shut and gets into the car via the driver’s door.

Today, as yesterday, there has been no sign of Mrs Pavane’s car.
Seconds before 14:45, Esmé’s car is parked alongside the Efords’ house.
The royal-blue Rubin parks just above the upper entrance, then moves to a spot further downhill on the other side of the road. The Kulaks’ car parks alongside number 33, and the Wormwoods’ car in its usual spot.
The light is clear, but the sky is overcast.
Scarlett parks alongside number 35, just uphill of the tree around whose base there is still some snow.
Esmé returns to her car, with her son and the push-chair.
A mother and two children ascend the far pavement. The younger sibling is a girl probably aged 3 — smaller than Tiny Boy. She has a red book-bag dangling from her right hand. The elder sibling — perhaps the owner of the book-bag? — is slightly to the rear and slightly outboard of the younger. The mother is outboard of the tiny girl.
Scarlett gets out of her car. She is holding her left arm as though she has her phone to her left ear.
When they all return to the car, Small Boy is carrying his book-bag and probably his sandwich-box also; Tiny Boy is wearing the bobble-hat he wore yesterday, but he has no back-pack or artwork.
Scarlett departs in the direction of George Street. When she has descended as far as the boundary of the school-house garden and the school precinct, she has to veer to the left so as to avoid Mrs Oldgreen who, further downhill, is coming in the opposite direction. Mrs Oldgreen parks by the lowest part of the school-house garden.

At about 16:35 I go shopping at TeraGroce.

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