Amos and Naomi

Friday 29 March 2013

Shortly after 12:15, Mr CJ — hardly recognisable in flat cap and HV jacket — descends the near pavement of Acacia Grove, accompanied by the new dog. Mr CJ smiles and nods to me as he passes.

At 14:15 I go to visit cousin Naomi. She tells me she has received a letter about the “bedroom tax”, and is worried that she will have to pay it. I advise her that she should be exempt. She searches for the letter, cannot find it; then in a second search it turns up — not a letter but a leaflet. She is indeed exempt.
For a second time, Naomi has received the same wrong DVD in the post.
Naomi tells me about former neighbours of hers. The son of the family stole money from his mother’s bank account. Later, he moved to a seaside town and ran a pub there — but he went bankrupt.
We discuss various old films, some of which Naomi enjoys, and some of which she she doesn’t. She is not in favour of actresses being described as “actors”.
When Davey had to give up work owing to a serious injury to his back, he became depressed and needed counselling.
Jen and Davey would like to meet me.
Naomi has not been able to open two child-proof bottles. I open them for her, and also a tube of E45.
We go upstairs, so that I can assess the practicability of moving some stacked boxes of books in the spare bedroom. When we have returned downstairs, to the entrance-hall, Naomi opines that she would need fifty years for a clear-out upstairs.
I respond: “Naomi, we haven’t got fifty years!”

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