Easter Sunday gossip

Sunday 31 March 2013

Mr LT admits to me that he suffers from OCD. When he is cooking on a barbecue, the sausages have to be spaced at equal distances. I tell him about the son of a friend, whose OCD was so severe that he had to seek professional help. He couldn’t throw anything away unless an authority-figure (in particular, his mother) told him that he must do so.
Kelvin tells me that his son Luca is quite well at the moment. He has turned 6, and has started a new school. Travelling to and from school now involves a much shorter, less exhausting, bus-journey than previously. I tell Kelvin that the children who attend Acacia Primary can often be seen running to school in the morning, but usually are walking when they leave school in the afternoon — “They’re exhausted.”
Mr SP has been to the reunion that he told me about on 17 March. Some of the people he hadn’t seen for about forty years have changed markedly.

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