Potholes, pond-life, politics

Saturday 13 April 2013

The pothole alongside the first pillar of the CJs’ fence is now big and deep. Next to it, by the right-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn, is a bigger, shallower, two-part pothole.

At lunchtime, I go to Sandbank Shoals for fish and chips. Two little boys and a little girl are fishing, presumably for tadpoles, at the far end of the nearby pond. The girl, who has dark hair, is the one wielding a plastic jug. When I return the same way, a mother and son are where the three children were earlier; she is pointing out to him that there are tadpoles in the pond.
In the fish-and-chip shop, Tubby Woman and Very Tubby Woman are serving. Fat Boy is at the back; there is no sign of Big Man. The fish and chips are excellent. Even though my fish is the last one in the drainer, it is hot.
Shortly after 14:00 I visit cousin Naomi. On Friday I phoned her three times, but got no reply. She tells me she was at home then, but didn’t hear the phone ring — she thinks perhaps she was asleep.
Naomi seems below-par, but after chatting with me for a while, she perks up.
A man was due to inspect her house’s wiring recently, but never showed up. The appointment has been rescheduled. Naomi and I check that all the power-points in the bedrooms are accessible.
I do some tidying-up in Naomi’s front garden, then go indoors when it begins to drizzle.
We discuss disillusionment with politics. Naomi didn’t vote in the General Election of 2010. Politicians we talk about include Jeremy Thorpe and Ed Miliband. I mention the potholes on two roads that form part of my route to Naomi’s house, plus the potholes that are on her road but beyond where I park.
Naomi is interested in early Jewish Christianity, but doesn’t believe in anything supernatural. She describes herself as a feminist, but ridicules any suggestion that men and women are, metaphorically, from different planets.
Naomi has bought herself a children’s book on the periodic table, after reading about Dmitri Mendeleev.
We agree that some of the people who claim to have been abused by Jimmy Savile probably aren’t victims of his at all, but are people who have jumped onto a bandwagon.

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