Early rising and a long day

Wednesday 1 May 2013

At 05:48, Vinnie’s partner is on their front garden with the dog. She is wearing a dark-pink dressing-gown. She waves to a man in a hi-vis jacket who is passing by. He crosses to the far pavement.
Towards 08:38, Esmé’s car reverses a little way, to park alongside the Old Man’s front side lawn. Then Scarlett parks alongside Vinnie’s garden-gates and the downhill end of his long hedge.
Small Boy has his usual book-bag, not the attaché-case that Scarlett was carrying yesterday.
When Scarlett returns from the school, I see that she is (unusually) wearing fairly dark eye make-up, but the same facial make-up as yesterday. She looks tired.
When she drives off, she soon stops to allow Esmé with her push-chair to cross the road from alongside the Efords’ drive.
Esmé stands on the roadway at the tail of her car, lifts the baby out of the push-chair, and puts it into the offside rear of the car. The baby, presumably a boy, is wearing a dark flat cap. (Are these fashionable?) Esmé also looks tired. Perhaps Esmé’s and Scarlett’s boys are waking up early at this time of year.

The Junior Golfer’s car is parked by the low wall to the rear of the family’s house. The car has a red body, with yellow roof and roof-pillars.
The Kulaks’ car drives past the Old Man’s house and parks alongside number 35. Mabel emerges, her dark hair tied up at the back with a scrunchy. She is wearing a loose, off-the-shoulder black top that reveals the left shoulder-strap of her bra. She lifts Miss Kulak, who is dressed in a yellowish babygro, out of the nearside rear. Miss Kulak is sleepy, but she drapes her left arm over Mabel’s shoulder from front to back.
Not much more than five minutes after its arrival, the Kulaks’ car departs.

At 12:50 or so, two women are talking, level with the school-house path. One is blonde, the other is dark-haired and has a push-chair in which is a boy about 24 months old. He has spiky blond hair; his right leg is lifted up, perhaps over the arm of the push-chair. He is looking at the blonde as she and his mother talk and gesticulate. Then his mother turns the push-chair anticlockwise so that it is facing uphill — as though to put a stop to what the boy is doing. But only then does the blonde start interacting with him!
When the women split up, five minutes later, the dark-haired woman ascends the far pavement, while the blonde goes to the silver Media estate car which is nose uphill alongside the lower part of the school-house garden. The car drives off past the Old Man’s house.

A little after 14:26, the Pigeon Lad is heading homewards past the Thornboroughs’ house. It is a warm day but he is wearing his black jacket. Two white carrier-bags full of shopping dangle from his right hand. The rear bag contains what must be a three-pack of kitchen-rolls or a six-pack of loo-rolls.
About six minutes later, Esmé parks opposite the upper entrance of the school.
At 14:41 Mrs Oldgreen’s car has parked with its midsection where the sapling used to be. Beyond is a silver estate car. Two minutes later, Esmé is loading the baby into the push-chair.
Scarlett has parked nose uphill beyond the silver estate car. It is a very long time until she and the boys head downhill on the far pavement, towards her car which is in splendid isolation. They must have been to the park — but the boys don’t look exhausted, and neither does Scarlett. It is still sunny.
Scarlett drives off past the Old Man’s house. The time is now 16:08.

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