Late arrivals and a red holdall

Friday 3 May 2013

The day starts partly cloudy, without sunshine. From 07:35 it is brighter.
At 08:10 approximately, Mrs JG is hanging out her washing. She is wearing a white dressing-gown.
What I think is Mr Fern’s car is parked nose uphill with its tail where the sapling used to be.
Towards 08:30, Mrs Cantor’s car is parked nose uphill alongside the junction-box. Mrs Cantor does not get out for two or three minutes. She walks to the school, with her little boy at her left hand.
Mrs TR ascends past Vinnie’s house, inboard of another woman.
The car that I think is Mr Fern’s car departs up Acacia Grove, and Mrs Cantor’s car departs in the direction of George Street. Then Mrs Oldgreen’s car also departs towards George Street.
Esmé arrives from the direction of Cypress Crescent, and parks alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and the uphill end of his front lawn.
I see at least two mothers walking away from the school, accompanied by a boy — the second boy, whose hair is blond, is perhaps too young even for Nursery; his gait is slightly off-balance, and he keeps looking about him. But the first boy is clearly of an age for school.
Esmé ascends past the school-house garden, and eventually reaches her car. She is wearing much less make-up than usual.
Partner has arrived very late, at 08:56 or so. He has parked alongside number 35. Small Boy gets out via the fpd, and then Partner ushers Tiny Boy out via the nrd. In his right hand Tiny Boy is holding the handle of a blue satchel — it reminds me of Timmy Time. Does it have a strap?

When they cross the road, Partner is holding Small Boy’s right hand and Tiny Boy’s left hand. Perhaps the boys have been playing up today.
On the far pavement, Tiny Boy slings the satchel over his right shoulder, still holding it by the handle. He is walking briskly, but Small Boy is soon half-running. They all descend to the lower entrance.
Immediately before 09:01, Partner is ascending past the the lower part of the school-house garden. His facial expression is one of relief — no doubt the boys just avoided being late.
When he drives off, the Big Star from number 35 is following him. At George Street he turns right.

Shortly before 11:20 the Kulaks’ car parks alongside number 35. Mabel lifts Miss Kulak out of the nearside rear. Miss Kulak is wearing a long-sleeve red top, green trousers, and red socks or bootees. Mabel, carrying her daughter at her left front, makes for the middle entrance of the school.
A couple of minutes after Mabel drives off, Mrs TR is ascending past Vinnie’s house. Miss TR is at her left hand — they are holding hands, and talking. Miss TR looks less than entirely happy. She is wearing a red cardigan and grey trousers. Her blonde hair is arranged in a short ponytail. With her right hand, at chest level, Mrs TR is carrying some unidentifiable item that seems to consist of two horizontal lengths of wood tied together in two places with light-coloured tape. Hanging from the middle of the lengths of wood is something like a grey garment.

At 12:46 Mrs FW’s car is parked nose downhill alongside the lowest part of the school-house garden. The sun has come out a few minutes ago, and after a few minutes more there is bright sunshine.

When the afternoon school-run begins, the sky is overcast.
The Wormwoods’ car parks in the usual place. Mr Wormwood has opened the bonnet, which at first hides him from view; then he puts a white plastic container into the offside rear footwell of the car. I speculate that it contains screenwash. Mr Wormwood is quite tall and beefy; his hair is dark brown, cut fairly short; he is probably in his late 30s.
A silver Peugeot is parked alongside Vinnie’s garden-gates and long hedge. The driver is still behind the wheel, and is resting a bright-blue-clad forearm against the side of his or her head.
The Ojays’ car parks alongside the middle of the Old Man’s front lawn. Mrs Ojay is the driver.
Mrs Wormwood and Miss Wormwood return to their car, which soon departs.
The male driver of the Peugeot returns to his car with a tiny blonde daughter just behind him. Her little brother is riding piggyback, and with one hand he is grabbing at the stubble on his father’s largely bald head.
Partner has again arrived late. His car is nose uphill just beyond Vinnie’s garden-gates. When he returns with the boys, Small Boy has a big bright-red holdall which is a good deal longer than it is wide or deep. He is carrying it lengthways. Perhaps it contains the class gerbil in its cage, to be taken care of over the weekend? Small Boy’s anorak is unfastened, but it is not falling off his shoulders. He looks less feral than he did on 16 April.
Partner opens the tailgate of the car, and puts the holdall into the load-area. Small Boy gets into the car via the driver’s door. He still has his book-bag. As Tiny Boy gets into the offside rear, Partner says something to him — his voice is deep and it carries well.
Once behind the wheel, Partner looks at an A4 sheet of white paper — and then at another, which he shows to Small Boy. Then he looks at the front of a white folder with a blue logo on the back. He gently pushes the folder into Small Boy’s book-bag.

At 16:55 Mrs JG has a different load of washing on her line. The Junior Golfer’s car is nowhere to be seen.
There is some blue sky this evening, but the sky is largely overcast, with the clouds ranging from white to medium-grey. The light is clear.

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