Bank Holiday weekend

Saturday 4 May 2013

Mid-morning I go for a walk. When I reach the driveway that leads to the cricket-club, I pause to let a white-haired female dog-walker exit from the driveway. She has five dogs on leads; one of them is a medium-size furry white dog, the others are furry dachshunds. The woman crosses to the left-hand pavement. The dachshunds look so similar to one another that I ask her: “Are they all from the same litter?” She tells me that two of them are from the same litter, and another is their mother. The woman has to lean forward and look at the dogs’ faces to be sure which one is the mother. “I can hardly tell them apart myself,” she comments. The fourth dachshund is “a distant relative”. The woman goes on to tell me that she intended to breed dachshunds but went to Crufts and became disillusioned — so she has kept the two dogs from the same litter.
Some time later on my walk, I look behind me: the woman with the dogs has crossed to the right-hand pavement (the one I am on), and is about fifty yards to the rear of me.
I pass along the southern pavement of George Street, and continue beyond Victoria Street. It occurs to me, for the first time ever, that Scarlett could have bought her car from the car dealership — most of the cars on sale there have a registration more recent than 07, but the car at the far western end, nose out, is an 04.
This afternoon, it is sometimes sunny and sometimes overcast.
At about 17:30 I notice that the buds on the tree in the rockery have almost turned into leaves.

Sunday 5 May 2013

This morning (as I noticed on Friday also) the GS family’s silver estate car is parked alongside their house, nose uphill. At about 10:05 the family are on their back garden. Mr GS is wearing a red top, and Miss GS a red dress that leaves her arms and shoulders bare. Mrs GS is at the bottom of the garden; she is in left rear profile, bent well forward or leaning over something — I can’t see for the fence. She is wearing black trousers of thin material. Has she slimmed off?
Five minutes later, Mr & Mrs CJ are on their back garden, seated on chairs made of shiny metal tubing and black fabric. The chairs, though not the CJs, have been out on the garden for quite a while.
In the afternoon I hear Karl next door, and a little later I see Charlie on the CJs’ back garden. Charlie is talking with someone, but no-one else is visible.

Monday 6 May 2013

Shortly after 08:50 Miss GS is on the family’s back garden, alone AFAICS. She is wearing a light-colour short-sleeve top and green shorts. Immediately to the rear of the house is what may be a framework for playing swingball. Mrs GS makes an appearance some time later, dressed in leopardskin trousers and a dark-pink strappy top. She is doing something with a paddling-pool to the rear of the swingball framework. I realise that she hasn’t slimmed off, or only very slightly. The paddling-pool is mainly dark blue, but the upper surface of its broad rim is pale blue.
There is miscellaneous washing on the CJs’ washing-line, and some small items on the JGs’ washing-line.
Not long before 11:20 a cat crosses the road towards the school, level with the lower entrance, at a fast stealthy walking pace.
Not long after 11:35 Mrs GS and two girls are by the paddling-pool. There is some moderate shrieking.
A little before 14:00 Mrs GS and at least one girl are seated with their backs to the JG/GS fence.
I pay cousin Naomi a visit. She tells me about Davey’s sleep apnoea and memory problems. When in another town, he disappeared, and eventually walked home — a distance of 11 miles. His feet were in a terrible state after that. His other health problems include obesity, type 2 diabetes, angina, and a painful hip.
While we are talking, I mention keeping bread in the freezer, and Naomi dashes off to the kitchen — she has forgotten to take a loaf out of her freezer.
At 18:00, only Mrs GS is on the GS family’s back garden. She is seated, facing the Old Man’s house. An hour and a quarter later, no-one is on the garden, but the paddling-pool is still out.

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