Another trainee malefactor?

Friday 10 May 2013

At approximately 08:15, the silver Ultra that belongs to the Qual family drives past the Old Man’s house and parks alongside the lower part of the school-house garden, with its nose overlapping the school. Mrs Oldgreen’s car parks by the left-hand side of the the Old Man’s front lawn, with its nose overlapping the pillar of the garden-gate.

There is a big pothole level with the first pillar of the CJs’ front wall, about ten foot from the kerb. It is full of water.
The bald father and his tiny blonde daughter cross the road towards the Efords’ driveway. He is holding her left hand in his right hand, and her pink backpack is slung over his left shoulder.
Esmé drives past the school, in the direction of George Street.
Mrs Oldgreen returns to her car. As usual now that the weather is milder, she is bare-headed.
Scarlett parks alongside number 35. Standing on the roadway, she sweeps her left hand and forearm backwards over her left shoulder and across her neck, correcting the position of her hair. Then she gives Tiny Boy a half-push on the left shoulder-blade with her left hand, to guide him towards the Ports’ driveway. He runs across the road at half pace. Only after Tiny Boy has reached the far side of the road does Small Boy open the fpd and get out. (This is unusual — most mornings, he’s quick to open the door.) Small Boy and Scarlett also cross the road towards the Ports’ driveway, together.
After Scarlett has departed, I see Esmé ascending from the school, on the far pavement. She must have driven round the block before finding somewhere to park — her car is nose downhill alongside number 10.

As the time for the late morning school-run approaches, drizzle alternates with sunshine.
The Kulaks’ car drives past the Old Man’s house and parks with its tail alongside the school-house path. Then shortly before 11:20, Myra parks by the left-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn, with the nose of her car overlapping the garden-gate. When she gets out of the car, the hood of her dark anorak is up.
Mabel returns to her car. It isn’t clear whether she has one boy with her, or two.
Partner’s car approaches from the direction of George Street, and parks alongside the driveway of the Trimots’ house. Only about a minute-and-a-half later, I see Partner returning to the car with Tiny Boy. They are talking. Tiny Boy looks happy and is smiling, while Partner looks affectionate, and youthfully paternal. Tiny Boy is inboard of his father; they aren’t holding hands.
When they reach the car, Partner opens the fpd and Tiny Boy gets in. Then Partner also gets in via the fpd. I presume Tiny Boy is sitting on his father’s lap. The sheet of artwork that Tiny Boy was carrying in one hand is put onto the top of the car’s dashboard, near the A-post. Then the artwork is no longer to be seen.
Partner must slide across to the driving-seat — the car departs without his having got out of the fpd.

A few minutes after 12:30 Mrs FW’s car is parked by the lowest part of the school-house garden, with its tail probably overlapping the school. There is no sign of Mrs Oldgreen’s car.

Shortly after 14:35 Esmé parks at the kerb alongside the Ports’ house, with the tail of her car partly obstructing access to the driveway.
At a few minutes to 15:00, Partner has parked just a little above where Mrs FW was parked earlier. He gets out of the car and descends, alone, to the lower entrance of the school.
A black Boxcar is parked at the kerb alongside the Old Man’s front side lawn. Not long after 15:25, a blonde or grey-blonde woman of indeterminate age is ascending past Vinnie’s house, with an ice-cream cone in her right hand. There are two children with her: one is a boy aged four or five, wearing a bright green anorak with the hood up, but open at the front to reveal a horizontally-striped green-and-black top — the black stripes are pinstripes, and the green is of a pastel shade. The other child is a girl perhaps two years old — she also has an ice-cream cone (which is big for a child of her age), and the hood of her pink anorak is also up. Although the boy doesn’t have an ice-cream, he seems happy enough; perhaps he’s already eaten his.
The boy pushes on ahead, and the woman tells the girl to keep up — she is concentrating on her ice-cream. Then the three of them cross the road towards the Old Man’s house. The boy approaches the Old Man’s garden-gate, moves away, then comes right up to it and touches it as though intending to open it. Especially on his second approach, he looks a bit thuggish in the style of Master Kulak. The three of them start getting into the Boxcar.
Meanwhile, Partner has returned with Small Boy. He drives off up Acacia Grove.

Just before 19:35 the sun suddenly comes out, illuminating the façades of Vinnie’s house and number 35, plus the seat-backs of Miss Trimot’s car.

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