Youthful exuberance

Sunday 19 May 2013

Mrs Cash tells me that her younger daughter plans to start at the university of S this autumn. As I inform Mrs Cash, it is the university that Mrs SG’s daughter and Nash have studied at.
On the road into Peakville, a biker passes me — doing a wheelie. Later I’m approaching the filling-station whose petrol prices I’ve blogged about in the past. The same biker exits the near entrance of the filling-station and sets off in the direction from which I’ve come. He is again doing a wheelie.

The lawns of the Old Man’s house already needed mowing on 11 May, and the grass has grown further since then, as have the dandelions and daisies and buttercups.
While I am unloading the car, two girls aged about nine are sitting on the pavement alongside the driveway of number 6, facing in my direction but paying little or no attention to me. One of them is wearing shorts, and the other is wearing off-white trousers. I later see these girls walking past the junction-box.
At about 17:55, Mrs Port’s car is parked at the kerb by the paved front garden and the driveway of the Ports’ house. Mr Port comes out to the car, with Laura piggyback; she is wearing a dark-pink dress with white polka-dots, and her blonde hair is arranged in two side-bunches. Mr Port is wearing a white T-shirt. Laura has lifted her arms above her head, and is uncoorinatedly agitating (not quite waving) them. Mr Port opens the nrd; then he lifts Laura over his head and down (in two stages), and puts her into the car — there must be a child-seat on the nrs. Meanwhile, Mrs Port comes out to the car, and gets in at the driver’s door. Mr Port gets in via the fpd. The car departs towards George Street, where it turns left.
Shortly before 19:00 Mrs Port’s car has returned. It is parked a few foot downhill from where it was earlier.

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