Mr Wormwood and Scarlett in unknown company

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Mrs Wheeler’s car is parked part-way onto the pavement alongside number 35. I see Mrs Wheeler return to the car, wearing a purple anorak. She lifts Maud in at the nearside rear.

It has been sunny since 07:40 at least.
A brunette schoolgirl walks up the far pavement, stops alongside the Trimots’ driveway, and looks towards the house. A blonde schoolgirl comes out, and they walk off together, with the blonde inboard. Each girl has a satchel, and each girl’s hair is of shoulder-blade length.
Mrs Cantor has parked with the C-post and tail of her car alongside the junction-box.
Esmé parks at the kerb alongside number 8.
Zara’s car, which has been parked opposite the school, drives off past the Old Man’s house.
Scarlett parks level with the school-house path. While she is at the fpd, leaning forward as she ushers the boys out of the car, she sweeps her hair back over her left shoulder two or three times, with her left hand. When Scarlett is descending alongside the wall of the school, she is several paces ahead of the boys, who are nearer to the wall than she is. She must realise that they are lagging behind; she turns, and seems to say something to them — they start running to catch up with her. Small Boy adopts his usual running gait. They all pass by the middle entrance, and go in at the lower entrance — Scarlett ahead of the boys. When she returns to her car, Scarlett seems to put some object into it via the fpd. Then she drives off past the Old Man’s house.
By about 09:30 the sun has gone in and the sky is quite dull.

At 11:20 the brown Origami, which I haven’t seen for a while, is parked alongside the Efords’ house. The driver of the Origami is an old man who totters somewhat; today he is wearing an off-white jacket and dark trousers.
All morning, Miss Trimot’s car has been parked by the Trimots’ house. To the rear of the car, in the gutter uphill of it, there is a stream of pink blossom four or five foot long.
When Mrs TR returns from the school with her daughter, they stop on the pavement alongside number 35 and Mrs TR, who is wearing black trousers, squats down outboard of her daughter, and performs some adjustment to the upper part of the girl’s left shoe. The shoes are pink, and the girl’s socks or tights are a lighter shade of pink.
Al and his son ascend past Mrs and Miss TR, as do a couple with their own child. Al’s car is parked alongside the JGs’ house.

At 13:47 the Pigeon Lad has paused outside number 10. Two full blue carrier-bags of shopping dangle from his right hand. He is wearing a dark-grey coat and black trousers, but no hat. Although it is now quite dull, he has shades on. He sighs, and takes one step forward; then he pauses for about one minute more.
Shortly after 14:00 the sun is trying to come out.
Slightly later than usual, the Wormwoods’ car parks in the usual place.
On the grass verge in front of the house above the Kingdoms’ house, there is an empty skip. It just overhangs the outboard edge of the kerb.
Scarlett parks by the middle and right-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn, not very near the kerb.
Mr Wormwood has, as usual, stayed in the driving-seat of his car. A woman with dyed-red hair is standing on the roadway, about six foot away from the driver’s door, and is having a brief but jocular conversation with Mr Wormwood.
When Tiny Boy makes his way towards the school, with Scarlett, his gait betrays hardly a trace of toddling. As they cross the road, from the car, he is going quite quickly but he is walking. However, as he and his mother descend the far pavement, towards the middle entrance of the school, he breaks into a half-run once or twice.
Some minutes later, Small Boy is ascending past the upper part of the school-house garden. With a grin, as though in triumph, he throws a small object up in the air, one-handed. (Does he do this perhaps for the “benefit” of Tiny Boy, or of another boy?) Scarlett and Tiny Boy are not far behind Small Boy; Scarlett is in the company of a corpulent person with grey or white hair, whom I don’t get a clear view of.
Zara has parked alongside the Efords’ house. Her elder son Zeke is approaching the fpd of the car; Zara is carrying her younger son Zachary against her front, with her arms under his thighs, and with his back to her — he is crying, or making a fuss. I think she opens the driver’s door without putting the boy down.
When I next look, Zara’s car has departed.
When Scarlett drives off up Acacia Grove, the corpulent person is in the fps.

At 16:10, a burly man with dark hair and a small boy with red hair are filling the skip with bags of rubbish and miscellaneous items.
I mow all four lawns. It is sunny, as it was for the latter part of the school-run, but rather breezy. I begin with the side lawn, and after I have completed a few rows, the mower starts running more smoothly and less noisily — when Harry passes by, he remarks on this. At about 17:55 I have finished mowing, and the skip is part full. Some time later, more has been put into the skip.
At 20:15 it is still breezy, and the setting sun is shining onto the roof and the upper storey of the school. Above the Banlieue, the moon is shining in a sky the colour of faded denim.

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