Orla, a puzzled baby, and the Fagens

Thursday 23 May 2013

The day starts promisingly, with the façades of the houses on the far side of the road softly illuminated by the sun, and the tree alongside number 33 casting a shadow onto the BE. There is still no sign of blossom on the tree in the rockery.

At separate times, two children descend the far pavement with an umbrella up.
Mabel and Master Kulak cross the street, from where their car is parked, towards the Efords’ driveway. I don’t see Miss Kulak.
A grey Trio approaches from the direction of George Street, turns, and parks with its tail alongside the junction-box. The driver is Orla. She gets out, dressed in a buff anorak. As she reaches the nearside of the car, she puts the hood of the anorak up over her blonde hair. Her elder son is wearing a dark anorak, and her younger son a red anorak — both boys have the hood up.
When Scarlett drives past the Old Man’s house, the is a lack of spaces for her to park in, so she parks alongside number 33. It is raining, but not heavily. The boys scamper across the street, closely followed by Scarlett at a near-run. They all descend to the lower entrance, seemingly in more of a hurry than could be accounted for by the rain or by their slightly late arrival.
Scarlett returns to her car very promptly, and departs. At George Street she turns right.

Not long after 09:50, the Kulaks’ car is still where it was earlier, and Zara’s car is just beyond where Scarlett’s car was. Zara puts one of her boys into the car via the fpd, but she doesn’t drive off. It is another hour-and-a-quarter before I see that Zara has finally departed, and Mabel is just departing in the direction of George Street where she turns right.
A woman aged about twenty, carrying a baby against her right front, walks past the Old Man’s house in the direction of the CJs’. The baby is six months old, or a little more than that. On its face is the puzzled or questioning look (“What’s all this about?”) that babies sometimes demonstrate.

In the post-lunch school-run, Mrs Daniels’ jeep-MPV is parked alongside the middle of the Old Man’s front lawn. As Mrs Daniels gets out, the rain which started a couple of minutes ago is now half rain and half hail.
The skip in front of the house above the Kingdoms’ house was fairly full at the time of the early morning school-run, and more items have been added since — including a square red plastic crate inside a rectangular blue plastic crate.
An hour-and-a-half later, Mrs Daniels’ car is still here.

At 14:40, a couple in their mid-twenties who earlier (late morning or early afternoon) took their little boy across the street, towards the Efords’ driveway, now return with him. He is wearing an off-white baseball cap, and he looks to be no more than 24 months old. (He can’t have been to school, but perhaps he is having a trial session at the nursery.) They went across the street in the rain, and they return in sunshine. Both times, his mother is carrying him. The father is quite tall; when they return, he is carrying a little backpack in one hand.
Some minutes later, the Wormwoods park in their usual place.
Orla has parked alongside number 35.
Mrs Ojay has parked nose-to-tail with the Wormwoods. Mrs Daniels’ car has gone.
Mrs Ojay returns to the car, with Miss Ojay (a little girl whose blonde hair is arranged in a ponytail) and Master Ojay (a baby in arms). Miss Ojay tries to interact with Vinnie’s dog, through the garden-gates.
Zara has parked just below the drive of number 35.

Shortly after 16:30 a black Plum, which has arrived from the direction of George Street, parks alongside the Thornboroughs’ hedge. Mr & Mrs Fagen get out. At first they seem to be showing interest in the GS family’s house, but then Mrs Fagen uses a key to let Mr Fagen and herself into the Thornboroughs’ house. Mr Fagen bends over, to pick up mail from the doormat.
Thirty-five minutes later, the Fagens’ car has gone.

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