Naomi and others

Saturday 25 May 2013

At 05:47 the sunlight is streaming into the landing and the bathroom of the Old Man’s house. I notice a few hours later that the big pothole in the road looks damp and muddy, but not wet.

After a trip to Cheerful Market, I visit cousin Naomi. The grass verge outside her house has just been mowed, and the mowing is continuing further downhill. Some of the atrocious potholes downhill of Naomi’s house, on the far side of the road, have been patched.
Naomi is getting ready to go out. She has just received her second big gas and electricity bill in succession, which has meant she is having to postpone buying a new radio / CD player. She needs to save up for her TV licence which falls due in October. To economise, she has given up breakfast cereal.
As usual, Naomi perks up after I have been with her for a while. She tells me:
Davey’s operation has had to be postponed again, owing to shingles in his eyes [!].
Her eczema is bad at the moment.
When she was a child, she damaged her upper lip by falling when going down Henry’s garden path. This makes it awkward for her to apply lipstick.

Naomi’s spinal curvature seems to me to have become more pronounced.

Driving back to the Old Man’s house, I am approaching the junction with Despard Street. A middle-aged man wearing a dark-green dressing-gown made of towelling, is walking uphill on the right-hand pavement. He turns in to Despard Street as I pass by.

At 12:44, Mrs Kaufman’s Boxcar is nose-out on the Thornboroughs’ driveway, and the gates of the driveway are closed.
One of the middle panels of the fence between the JGs’ back garden and the GS family’s back garden has fallen in towards the JGs’ side. It is still attached at the bottom left.
Mid-afternoon, the Fagens’ car is parked part-way onto the pavement alongside the lower part of the Thornboroughs’ hedge. The Boxcar is still on the driveway.

The Fagens’ car departs unseen not long before 17:20. Towards 18:00, Vinnie and Mr Kaufman are having a chat, each standing on his own driveway. Mr Kaufman seems highly amused, animatedly and mockingly, about something — he makes himself look a bit of a buffoon. He is barefoot, and is wearing blue shorts and a horizontally-striped green-and-blue short-sleeve top.
It has been sunny all day. From about 18:15 to 18:30, and again shortly after 18:50, there is a cloudy interval, but the sun then comes out again.

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