Trimming, mowing, strimming

Monday 27 May 2013

Today is a Bank Holiday.
The curtains of the house above the Trimots’ house are drawn, as they have been in recent days. There is no car on the driveway, and Miss Trimot’s car is blocking three-quarters of the width of that driveway. Where Miss Trimot’s car would normally be parked is the red A3000 that I often see on the driveway of a house on Acacia Rise.
Mr Port’s van is absent.
The load in the skip is topped by shrubbery / bushes / privet.

At 08:08 I see the living-room curtains of the Efords’ house being opened.
There has been no sign of the GS family on their back garden this Bank Holiday weekend.
Mid-morning, Vinnie is trimming the outboard side of his short hedge, using a power trimmer. Three-quarters of an hour later, Vinnie is mowing his lawn, near the three topiary pillars. Mr CJ is mowing his own lawn — he has just taken a break from it, because the noise of the mower has made Amos bark. “I don’t want him to upset anybody,” says Mr CJ.
Some minutes after 12:00, Vinnie is strimming the edge of his front lawn, along the boundary with the house next door.

When I arrive at Suburbia Somnolenta, I find that Mr Jebec’s car is back in its usual “reserved” parking-space.

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