Tensions in suburbia

Saturday 1 June 2013

When I phone cousin Naomi, she tells me her eczema is bad at the moment. It is making her feel very tired.
She also tells me about some of the problems she has had with Dorcas, Henry’s second wife. Naomi describes Dorcas as “a Jekyll and Hyde character”, and possibly a manic-depressive.
One year, Dorcas called on Naomi just before Christmas, and Naomi didn’t answer the door. This was because she was in the back garden. Subsequently, Naomi returned the visit, taking a Christmas present for Dorcas, and Dorcas refused it.
Another instance of refusal was when Dorcas refused to countersign a form for Naomi.
Dorcas lived in Scotland for a long time, and likes to go there every year. It may not be possible for Henry to go with her this year, as he is getting too old. Dorcas will probably go on her own. It isn’t clear whether anyone else will then be looking after Henry.

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