Most probably Mrs Tanbrit

Monday 3 June 2013

At 05:29 the sunlight is streaming through the open doorway of the bathroom, onto the wall of the landing — to the right of the airing-cupboard, and above the tumble-dryer.

Not long before 07:50, Mrs Wheeler’s Bonsai parks three-quarters onto the pavement alongside number 35. Mrs Wheeler, dressed in a white blouse and a dark business jacket and skirt, gets a blue-and-red backpack out of the car via the ord, and then gets her son Josh out via the same door. She gets Maud, Josh’s younger sister, out via the nrd. Josh is wearing a light-colour Arab-style headcovering, and Maud a pale red one. Is today a dressing-up day?
The young woman who lives with her parents at number 35 drives off past the Old Man’s house.
Mrs Wheeler returns to her car, and opens the nrd for some unclear reason. When I next look, the Bonsai has departed.
Mr CJ is on his back garden, doing something at a big plant-pot that is near the fence. The door of the CJs’ shed is open.
Zara’s car drives past the Old Man’s house.
A car resembling Mr Fern’s car has parked by the left-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn.
Zara has parked just beyond the driveway of number 35, at the kerb. She departs not long after 08:35, towards George Street.
From somewhere opposite the school, Scarlett drives off past the Old Man’s house.

A few minutes after 11:00, Amos is dozing on the wall of the CJs’ back garden. Mr CJ is seated on a chair next to him. The weather is still sunny.
Mrs Fern’s 02-registration Ultra approaches from the direction of George Street.
The brown Origami has parked with its nose alongside the junction-box, but soon moves to park alongside the upper entrance of the school. Then I see Al’s car has parked tail-to-tail with the Origami.
Mrs Cantor’s car has parked just this side of where the Origami originally was. When she gets out, I see she is wearing blue shorts and a sleeveless red top. She returns from the school with Master Cantor, who is wearing dark grey trousers, a long-sleeve red pullover, and a brownish-green sunhat. She lifts him into the car via the ord.
Mrs Cantor departs in the direction of George Street, and Al’s car drives off past the Old Man’s house.

At 12:35, Mrs FW’s car is parked nose uphill alongside the lower part of the school-house garden. A dark Ultra that could be Mrs Tanbrit’s car is parked by the left-hand-side of the Old Man’s front lawn. (Mrs Tanbrit’s car is black, but in the sunlight this car has a bluish tinge.) The driver of the Ultra, who resembles Mrs Tanbrit (she is an attractive woman with dark hair of shoulder-blade length) reaches the car five minutes later — I first see her on the far pavement. She is wearing a white vest, and shades, and is carrying a white plastic carrier-bag with some items in. Having reached the car, she stands on the roadway of Acacia Grove, just downhill of the driver’s door, and for several seconds she hunts for her keys. I see the car depart up Acacia Grove.

While I am washing up, Mr OS walks past the Thornboroughs’ house, in the direction of the corner shop. He is wearing a red top with elbow-length sleeves. After a while, he returns.
Unusually, the Wormwoods’ car doesn’t put in an appearance on the afternoon school-run.
Scarlett makes very heavy weather of parking alongside Vinnie’s garden-gates and short hedge. The driver’s window is fully down, so I can see her twirling the steering-wheel. When she has done, after reversing and then going forward, the nearside rear wheel is hard against the kerb, and the nearside front wheel is on the pavement. She gets out, wearing a dress that is perhaps too short, and is of an unappealing shade of orange, overlaid with a pattern. She lets Tiny Boy out via the driver’s door. He looks serious, but not unhappy. When they head off towards the school she is holding his right hand in her left hand. Before they reach the lower entrance of the school, Tiny Boy drops back a few paces, to a position directly behind Scarlett, then he trots to catch her up and resume his place at her left hand.
Shortly before 15:20, Mrs Oldgreen’s car parks by the middle of the school-house garden — after mounting the pavement, it reveses a little way uphill, then rolls a little way downhill.
Fifteen minutes later, he GS family’s silver estate car drives past the Old Man’s house, in the direction of George Street. Mrs Oldgreen’s car is still here.
At 15:45 a father and son ascend past Scarlett’s car, accompanied by a tiny girl in a summer uniform gingham dress. Her brunette hair is cut fairly short. She is bringing up the rear, toddling slowly, concentrating hard, with a half-eaten vanilla ice-cream cone held firmly against her mouth.
Scarlett and her boys do not return to their car until a few minutes after 16:00. I imagine they have been to the park. Scarlett looks a bit overheated, though the temperature is only about 20 degrees C. She drives off up Acacia Grove.
During this school-run, there has been intermittent sunshine.

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