Picture and piggyback

Wednesday 5 June 2013

There is quite a dull start to the day. I can glimpse, via the foliage of the tree, that the security-light at the far corner of the school is on.

At 08:23 Mrs Pavane parks alongside the lower part of the school-house garden.
Nearly twenty minutes later, Mrs Port and Laura are at the orc of Mrs Port’s car. Laura is wearing a pale-yellow coat or anorak. Then I see that the nrd has been opened.

By 10:44 it is brighter, but there is still no sun.
At 11:20 Scarlett drives past the Old Man’s house and parks just beyond the brown Origami, which for the past five iminutes has been at the kerb with its nose alongside the junction-box. She stays in her car for a few minutes.
A little silver MPV is nose uphill alongside the Efords’ house.
Scarlett joins a little throng outside the middle entrance of the school. When she returns to the driver’s door of her car, with Tiny Boy, she says hello — with a smile — to the grandfather who is the driver of the Origami and is standing at the driver’s door of that car.
When Scarlett drives off, she has to stop almost as soon as she moves forward — a white pickup, coming from the direction of George Street, is passing through the piece of roadway that she wants to enter. (Scarlett’s car is still part-way onto the pavement.) At George Street she turns right.

Just after 12:45, the little silver MPV is still (or again?) alongside the Efords’ house.
A little green car has parked a couple of foot to the left of Vinnie’s garden-gates. A solidly-built dark-haired man is at the driver’s door, and his three-year-old son is seated on the car’s roof above the offside rear window, facing the Old Man’s house. His father lifts him down, and (with the boy struggling a bit) wipes his mouth — the boy has his back to his father as this happens, and both of them are facing up Acacia Grove. Meanwhile, a silver Mégane has parked with its nose a couple of foot from the tail of the little green car. A woman gets out via the driver’s door, and the boy toddle-runs to her; then he toddle-runs to the kerb, between the two cars. All three people head off towards the school. The boy is dressed partly in pale blue, with long shorts and a baseball cap. The woman is wearing a medium-brown pleated top with short sleeves.
I hear a tapping noise. Vinnie is using a hammer to affix some weatherboarding above the doors of his garage.
Shortly before 13:15, a brunette aged about 35, wearing a multicoloured top, ascends the far pavement carrying with her right hand a wooden frame about two foot square with a board over the inward side of it. Is this a picture in a frame? At the bottom-right-hand corner of the board, there is a white label with some writing on it. The woman enters the front path of the Kingdoms’ house. A young man in a dark suit and a white shirt is standing on the driveway of the house next door; the jacket of his suit is dangling from one hand. He greets the woman. Another young man comes out of that house; he is dressed the same, but he has the jacket on. Both men are wearing ties.
When I next look, the woman, the two men, and the silver Modulo that was parked on their driveway, have all gone. The little green car and the Mégane are still here. By 13:35 or so, the little green car has gone, and by 14:15 the Mégane has also gone. The little silver MPV alongside the Efords’ house is still here, as is Mrs Pavane’s car.

In the afternoon school-run, Esmé parks alongside number 33.
A tall man in a white T-shirt and dark shorts walks past Vinnie’s house, giving his tiny blonde daughter a piggyback. She is wearing a yellow T-shirt.
Scarlett parks alongside Vinnie’s garden-gates. As she and Tiny Boy walk past Vinnie’s short hedge, I see that Tiny Boy’s trousers are very wrinkly — either they need pulling up, or he has yet to grow into them. He is wearing a paper crown. When they start to cross the road, Scarlett is a pace ahead of Tiny Boy who is at her left hand, but by the time they are half-way across he has caught up and has put his right hand into her left hand — she has let her left arm trail, to facilitate that. (There is no traffic at this moment.) On the far pavement, descending to the lower entrance, he falls behind again, facing uphill while interacting briefly with another child, but soon he ends his conversation, turns again, catches Scarlett up, and walks on at her left hand. Scarlett hasn’t paused, or looked round to see what he is doing.
The tall man returns past Vinnie’s house, with his daughter piggyback. She looks very pleased, playing with the back of her father’s thinning hair. Her big brother, who is wearing a red top, is walking in front of and inboard of the father.
When Small Boy returns to Scarlett’s car, he is carrying a sheet of artwork. Both boys look rather serious, or perhaps simply tired. Tiny Boy even looks a bit “down”, and in the presence of Small Boy seems very much the younger brother. He is still wearing his paper crown.
Scarlett drives off up Acacia Grove.

At 17:19 the little silver MPV is still alongside the Efords’ house.
Twenty minutes later, the sun is trying hard to break through.
After another twenty minutes or so, I see that Mrs Port’s car is now nose-to-nose with the MPV. Mr Port arrives in his van, at a brisk pace, and parks on his driveway.
For a while, there has been a strong smell of fried onions. Where is it coming from? Possibly from the Thornboroughs’ house, whose kitchen window is open.
The MPV has gone by 17:45. At 20:45, after a short spell of evening sun, the sky is again overcast.

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