Saturday 8 June 2013

At 05:28, windows 2 and 3 of the BE are still open from yesterday evening.

At 09:25, I see that there is a tent on the Junior Golfer’s back garden. It is mainly dark blue, but is grey at its rounded top. To the left of the tent, I glimpse the handlbars of what is probably his microscooter.

I drive to cousin Naomi’s house, and do some weeding in the front garden. I fill a large rubbish-sack with the weeds, but the garden looks little different afterwards.
Having returned to the Old Man’s house, I am unloading the car. The GS family’s silver estate car descends Acacia Grove, passing the Old Man’s driveway.
While I am preparing lunch, Vinnie reverses his convertible off his driveway. Then his partner, who is wearing a dark-pink top, gets in via the fpd. The car ascends Acacia Grove.

Mid-afternoon I go to a garden party. We are saying goodbye to friends who are moving away.

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