“…I shan’t resile…”

Friday 21 June 2013

At 07:20 the minibus is parked nose downhill, with its tail alongside the Thornboroughs’ driveway.

Scarlett has parked alongside the upper end of Vinnie’s long hedge, with the nose of her car just reaching the downhill end of his driveway. Mrs Pavane’s car is still at the kerb opposite, though a car’s length further downhill.
When Scarlett and the boys are returning from the school, I see her first, traversing the “gap”. The boys are not in sight, but must be following her. When all three of them are in sight — Small Boy is some yards behind Scarlett, and Tiny Boy a similar distance further to the rear — and Scarlett is approaching Vinnie’s garden-gates, she calls out: “++++++ and ++++++, come on!” Her voice is mezzo-soprano, like the voice I heard yesterday; it is unmusical but not harsh. Her local accent is not very noticeable in such a short utterance. She doesn’t turn round, or even look round, towards the boys even when she calls out to them.
As the boys walk by the long hedge, there is no spring in Tiny Boy’s step, and not much spring in the step of Small Boy. Have they had a hard week? Tiny Boy must be exhausted, to judge by his body-language, his gait, and his rather firmly closed mouth.

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