Walking with a slightly halting gait

Friday 6 September 2013

Just after 06:30, Vinnie’s partner is locking the front door of their house. She heads towards the driveway, where their car already has its lights on, and the double gates are open. The car heads off towards Cypress Crescent.

At about 07:50 rain is spotting onto the open window of my bedroom. I notice that Mrs JG has left her washing out on the line overnight. Not long afterwards, I close my bedroom window.
Mrs Quirk drives past at about 08:30, in the direction of Cypress Crescent, then returns, and parks alongside number 33. On the roofrack of her car, there is a black item mounted transversely — it could be a storage-box.
Three minutes after Mrs Quirk has departed towards George Street, Esmé approaches from that direction, and parks opposite the school, just uphill of the middle entrance.
An Edial, probably Mrs Black’s car, drives off past the Old Man’s house.
The Kulaks’ car approaches, also from the direction of George Street. Orla nabs the space alongside number 35 just before Mabel can park there after turning; so Mabel parks with the nose of her car to the tail of Orla’s Trio. Mabel is wearing a dark jacket and salmon-coloured trousers. She has a child with her, but there is no sign of Miss Kulak. When she takes the child to the school, she leaves her car’s lights on.
The Wormwoods’ green Rover parks with its nose to the tail of the Kulaks’ car. Mrs Wormwood is wearing an olive-drab anorak, and Miss Wormwood a grey-green anorak. Their hoods are up. As they cross the street, Mrs Wormwood is holding her daughter’s right hand in her own left hand.
Orla’s car departs. A grey-white boxy van parks with its nose to the tail of the the Wormwoods’ car.
Mabel departs at the same time as Mrs Wormwood is crossing the street to return to her car. The Wormwoods’ car rolls forward, thus shortening the distance Mrs Wormwood has to walk — it hardly seems worthwhile.
There is no sign of Mrs Pavane’s car.

By 10:55 the sky is not as dull as it has been, and the rain is only light. The rain is somewhat heavier again by 12:15.
Towards 14:10 I go out to retrieve a leafy little branch from the pavement a few foot downhill of Vinnie’s driveway. I find that it isn’t a branch I lopped off one of the saplings yesterday, nor is it a branch that has fallen off the tree in the Old Man’s rockery. The weather is still drizzly.

In the afternoon school-run, Esmé parks alongside the Efords’ house. Mrs Fern parks her green Ultra alongside number 33, then reverses a little — no doubt to leave clearance for the car in front. Eventually, Mrs Fern crosses the street, towards the school.
The blue Ultra parks at the downhill end of Vinnie’s long hedge. Unusually, the driver isn’t wearing hi-vis today, he is wearing a dark jacket and black trousers.
Mrs Port parks her car by the centre and right-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn. She can’t park in front of her own house, as the Ojays’ car has already parked there, and Mrs Ojay has set off for the school, with the baby. There is a theme to Mrs Ojay’s clothing today: black jacket, white trousers, black boots; her blonde ponytail is held by a white ribbon or scrunchy.
When Mrs Port gets out of the car, I see that she has highlights in her brunette hair, at the front left and front right. She lifts some shopping out via the nrd, and then Laura exits via the nrd also. Laura is wearing a jacket, and medium-to-pale denims. She waves her arms up and down, at torso level, in moderate excitement. Then I see a pink-and-white segmented umbrella which she is holding above her head, with her left arm. Her hair is tied up. Mrs Port is now holding Laura’s right hand, and with her own right hand she is carrying the shopping. They cross the street together, and descend their front path, which is to the right of their driveway.
The driver of the blue Ultra returns to his car, accompanied by his daughter who is wearing a pink anorak with its hood up. Meanwhile, Mrs Ojay has put the baby back into her car, via the nrd. I don’t see Miss Ojay. Then Mrs Fern’s car departs.
There is a silver Okra parked alongside number 35, with both its nearside doors open. Supported on top of the two open doors is a transparent umbrella with a pink rim. The female driver takes the umbrella off its perch.
Mrs Cantor ascends past Vinnie’s short hedge, with two small boys one of whom has closely-cropped dark hair — he may be five or six years old. The boy’s cheeks seem a little puffy, or perhaps just chubby. As they walk past Vinnie’s long hedge, I notice that the same boy is walking with a slightly halting gait — this IIRC is something I noticed last term. His facial expression is serious; is he in discomfort, or in pain? When he is walking, his strides seem to be of uniform length, but they are not very long.
The boy is outboard of Mrs Cantor, and half an adult step to the rear of her. Alongside the uphill half of the hedge, he seems to sneeze twice within a few seconds. Then as they near Vinnie’s driveway, he stretches out his right hand towards his mother’s left hand — but either she is unaware of this, or she isn’t interested in holding his hand. (She doesn’t look round towards him.) The Cantors approach their car, which is alongside the uphill end of the Thornboroughs’ hedge. They all get into the car via the offside; it looks as though Mrs Cantor lifts the younger boy into his seat. She drives away at 15:31.

At 16:25, Mrs JG’s washing is still out.

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