Reverting to normal

Wednesday 2 October 2013

At 05:45 there are a few tiny drops of rain on the landing window. Ten minutes later it is raining quite heavily, and rainwater is flowing down the landing window. At 06:25 it is raining heavily against the sun-lounge window.

Just after 08:05, Mrs Wheeler’s car has arrived alongside the lower part of the school-house garden. I don’t see any of the Wheelers.
Mrs Pavane’s car is parked just downhill of the driveway of number 35. Mrs Oldgreen’s car is parked by the school precinct and the the lower part of the school-house garden. Mrs Fern’s car is parked alongside number 33 and number 31.
When the Kulaks’ car arrives, and parks nose uphill alongside number 35, it is Max Kulak who gets out.
Scarlett parks by the right-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn. She and Tiny Boy run across the street; he has the hood of his dark anorak up. There is no sign of Small Boy. When Scarlett returns to her car, she is walking briskly. Her facial expression shows determination and a touch of urgency.
Throughout the school-run, it has been raining quite heavily.

At 11:18 it is still wet, but not as dull.
Mrs Quirk’s car drives away up Acacia Grove. On the roof of the car, there is a two-level dark plastic storage-box.

As the time approaches 13:55, I can hear that in the CJs’ house, Amos seems to be encroaching where he shouldn’t. “Amos,” says Mrs CJ gently, “out… out.”

Esmé parks opposite the school, between the middle entrance and the lower entrance.
At 14:42, the Wormwoods’ Ultra mounts the pavement at Vinnie’s driveway, then rolls a little distance downhill. Mrs Daniels’ black Jaguar parks with its nose to the Ultra’s tail. The Jaguar has a personal registration-number.
The Ojays’ car passes the Old Man’s house, and parks outside the Ports’ house — blocking their driveway. It then rolls forward six inches, but is still blocking the driveway. Mr Wormwood gets out of the Ultra; he is wearing a blue top with elbow-length sleeves, and a quilted grey gilet. He is smoking a cigarette.
Shortly before 15:05 the blue Ultra is parked by the wall of number 6. Soon, the male driver is descending past Vinnie’s house. He is taking something off — probably his hi-vis.
Mrs Daniels returns to her car. Her blonde hair is wound up into a bun at the back of her head. Miss Daniels gets into the car at the nearside rear. The Daniels’ car departs in the direction of George Street, past Esmé’s car.
Mrs Wormwood puts her daughter into the car at the nearside rear. The Ojays’ car drives off past the Old Man’s house.
At 15:19 Scarlett’s car is approaching from the direction of George Street, quite quickly, with its sidelamps on. It passes the Old Man’s house at much the same speed.
During the school-run it has been misty over the Banlieue, but there has been no sign of rain.

At 16:30 the Pigeon Lad descends past Vinnie’s house, with two full blue plastic carrier- bags dangling from his right hand. His coat is black.

At 20:56 I am in the bathroom. From somewhere beyond the Thornboroughs’ house I hear a double or triple bang — the first fireworks of this Bonfire season.

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