The ruinous bathroom window

Friday 25 October 2013

At 05:22 it is raining. At 05:40 there is a light on at number 4 Cypress Crescent, and the bathroom light is on at the house next to Mrs PM’s. The window of that bathroom is very old, and IIRC is similar to the bathroom window of the Old Man’s house when we moved in. It probably dates from when these houses were built. I refer to it as the ruinous bathroom window, as the window-frame is in very poor conditon.

By 07:40 the rain has become heavy, but it isn’t windy.
Mrs GS reverses her Zero off the shorter driveway of the GS family’s house, and heads up Acacia Grove.
A little after 07:51 it is, if anything, even wetter.
At 09:15 Mrs Pavane is parked alongside the lower part of the school-house garden and the school-house path. The rain has eased off, and the sky is less gloomy.

Just after 10:00 I go out to the car, for a trip to Cheerful Market. Mrs Kaufman is crossing the street towards her Boxcar. She is clearly pregnant. Master Kaufman is with her; she is holding his hand. He is making noises rather than speaking properly.
As I drive off, I see in my mirror that Mrs Kaufman is crossing back to her house, alone, presumably to fetch something that she has forgotten. The rain has turned to drizzle; Mrs Kaufman isn’t wearing a coat or anorak, just a pullover.
When I return from Cheerful Market, Mrs Kaufman’s Boxcar is absent. The sun is shining quite brightly onto the garage door as I park my car on the Old Man’s driveway.

At 12:34 I set off for Sandbank Shoals. As I approach the shop, on foot, a six-foot-tall solidly-built middle-aged man exits the shop and heads downhill. A big Land Rover is parked with its tail to the shop. There are no other customers present when I enter. Bossy Woman is serving, and Tubby Woman is cooking. As I am about to leave, Bossy Woman says to Tubby Woman something along the lines of “that’ll be enough” — perhaps she means that there won’t be any need to cook much more food.
The Wormwoods’ van is in the usual place as I drive away, beyond a white Ultra which may be theirs.

At a couple of minutes after 15:00, Mrs Pavane gets into her car. She is wearing a red coat or anorak. Only a few minutes later does she drive off past the Old Man’s house. The sun has gone in, and the wind is getting stronger.

At 17:15 or so, Mrs JG’s father’s car is parked by the JGs’ house, blocking their driveway.

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