Ululating “Eilidh”?

Thursday 5 December 2013

Owing to some traffic holdups, it is about 16:15 when I arrive at the Old Man’s house. There are no longer any roadworks on George Street.

As I unload the car, a girl of primary-school age half-runs upslope past the Old Man’s house. An adult — possibly a grandparent — is walking a few paces behind. The girl is ululating something that approximates to “aileyaileyailey”. Perhaps she knows someone called Eilidh.
At the school, all the windows in the upper storey are brightly lit. Both windows of the nursery are lit; window 1 of the BE is dark, but windows 2, 3 and 4 are brightly lit.
Shortly before 17:10 I see what has not been the case earlier: the Christmas lights are on at the Efords’ house. There are no Christmas lights visible at any other house.
An hour or so later, all the lights at the school are off.

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