Clouds and contrails

Friday 6 December 2013

At 05:14 the blue light of the Ports’ new burglar alarm is on.

Five minutes later, a tall, well-built man is walking downhill on the roadway past the Trimots’ house. When he is level with the upper entrance of the school, he moves from the roadway to the pavement. A security light comes on above the door of the BE. That is the last I see of the man.
Not long afterwards, when I open the curtains at my bedroom window, there is a light on in the ground floor of 4 Cypress Crescent, and the ruinous bathroom window is also lit.

The sun is still below the horizon, but its glow is visible via the bathroom window of the Old Man’s house. There are pink strato-cumulus clouds above the roof of Vinnie’s house and of the house next door. Above the Banlieue there are medium-size dark clouds, and above the school there is a slim “X” of dispersing contrails.

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