Bad fences, good neighbours

Sunday 8 December 2013

Not long after 06:30, at 4 Cypress Crescent the exterior light is on, as it was yesterday morning, and the small window at the right-hand side of the upper storey (the bathroom window?) is lit. The ruinous bathroom window is also lit.

Panels 1 and 4 of the JGs’ rear fence have fallen down; both these panels are lying on the JGs’ back garden. Panel 4 of the fence between the JGs’ back garden and the GS family’s back garden is missing. The left-hand panel of the fence between the Old Man’s back garden and the JGs’ back garden has fallen down, and is lying where we used to have bonfires.
At about 10:00 I go to deliver Christmas cards to Mrs PM, Harry, and Mr & Mrs CJ. When I pass number 4 Cypress Crescent, there is a 3-litre diesel Pantech — like Esmé’s, though it isn’t hers — nose-in on the driveway.

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