Local luminaries

Monday 30 December 2013

A wet and occasionally hair-raising journey to Peakville.

There are Christmas lights on at the Efords’ house (upstairs and downstairs), in the porthole of the Trimots’ house, and at the left-hand side of the Kingdoms’ living-room window. At Vinnie’s house, there are Christmas lights all along the top of the glazed upper part of the conservatory (these flash continuously) and on the side-wall of the conservatory, near the corner (these alternate between not flashing and flashing). Christmas lights are glowing blue in the living-room window of number 14.

In the afternoon I see a slim, stooping, seedy-looking young man, whom on some previous occasion I’ve seen getting into Miss Trimot’s little black hatchback. (It now seems definite that that car has been replaced with a Peugeot.) He appears to have come from the house next to the Trimots’ house, and he is heading out onto the roadway.
Also in the afternoon, I hear Mrs CJ telling Amos off several times. It isn’t because he is making a noise — he is making little or none. I do hear the voices of Charlie and Karl, and probably those of Del and Della also.

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