Familiar streets

Sunday 19 January 2014

Mid-morning I go out for a walk, which lasts a little over 35 minutes. To begin with, the weather is misty and drizzly, but during my walk it becomes dry — however, the sky remains dull.
The GS family’s silver estate car is absent, but their black Zero is nose-in on the driveway.
I head up Victoria Street and along Cypress Crescent; I go past the church to get to William Street. At the corner where there used to be a filling-station with lock-up garages behind it, I turn right.

After passing the steps that lead down to Scarlett’s house, I reach Club Court Avenue. From there, I return to the Old Man’s house via Despard Street and George Street.
At the boundary between the CJs’ property and the Old Man’s property, I pick up two short square-section lengths of wood that are lying on the roadway at the kerbside, downhill from the big pothole.
At 11:23 the sky is getting lighter, and three minutes later the sun has come out.

During lunchtime, Vinnie is cleaning his car: at first he is washing the tail of the car with a high-pressure hose; an hour or so later he is vacuuming inside the boot.

At 16:11 the sun is reflecting off a row of windows in Hilltop or somewhere nearby.

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