Mrs FW plus two

Monday 20 January 2014

A small plume of vapour is rising from the flue atop the school, and a big amorphous plume of vapour is rising from behind the school-house. Then I see Mrs Pavane’s car has arrived.

Immediately before 08:50, Mrs FW parks her car by the right-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn. Her older daughter, wearing a grey anorak, gets out of the fpd, and waits on the pavement by the nearside rear of the car while Mrs FW ushers the younger girl out of the nrd. Miss FW jr is wearing a dark anorak, and she is holding an A3 sheet of white paper in landscape orientation. Then I see that she has a black satchel or bookbag, held with her right hand. Mrs FW takes her by the left hand; the girl now seems to be holding the A3 sheet of paper with her teeth!
All three of the FWs set off for the school. Mrs FW is carrying something in her left hand, and she has her shoulder-bag slung from her right shoulder. Meanwhile, Mrs Cantor’s car has approached from the direction of George Street, and Mrs Daniels has parked by the left-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn, just overlapping the downhill pillar of the garden-gate.
It is a minute or two before 09:00 when an attractive young woman with short dark hair ascends past Vinnie’s house. Outboard of her is a toddler in a darkish-pink anorak. Alongside Vinnie’s garden-gate or long hedge, the woman picks the child up, and walks on, carrying it at her front right, held horizontally. She seems about to cross the road diagonally, but she doesn’t; instead she approaches a little black hatchback parked nose uphill by the Thornboroughs’ hedge.
A few minutes after 09:00, Mrs Daniels reverses her car, then departs up Acacia Grove. Very soon after that, Mrs FW also departs.

The Kaufman family have so much recycling in their blue bin that the bin-lid won’t close: it is resting at an angle of about 15 degrees.

I hear that Claudio Abbado has died.

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