Another shop closes

Friday 7 March 2014

A few minutes after 08:00, I hear a man’s voice outside. The Explorer and his father are setting off from their home. They are about to reach the point where they disappear from view, when they turn round and return home. When they re-emerge, Mr CH is carrying the Explorer’s backpack (which I don’t think either of them had earlier). They set off again. It is 08:07 when they finally disappear from view.
Not far from the shop that I noticed on 10 February 2014 had closed down, another shop has gone out of business. I’m surprised only that it stayed in business for so long — I could say that the proprietor was a stroppy dimwit, though perhaps I ought to say instead that he was opinionated but not well-informed.
Returning home, I encounter Mrs JB — to my surprise, she is on foot.

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