Heat, hospital, holiday for some

Tuesday 22 July 2014

A hot, sunny day.
I give Naomi a lift to the GP surgery. The GP arranges an appointment for her to have her eyes tested at the hospital today.
I accompany Naomi to the hospital and back, by bus.
On the way back, I point out Bath Street to Naomi — it was recently mentioned in the Peakville Bugle, but she’d never heard of it until then.
At Naomi’s house, she has a cup of tea, and I have a cup of coffee.
After returning to the Old Man’s house, I walk to the Banlieue. There are three cars in the school car-park, one of which is Mrs Pavane’s car. When I return, all three cars have gone, and the gates of the car-park, which were open, are now closed.

Towards 20:30, children are playing on the back garden of the GS family.
An hour later, there is a rumbling noise from the same garden; then for ten or fifteen minutes sporadic fireworks; the rumbling noise again; and finally silence.

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