Two women in a hurry

Wednesday 26 November 2014

In the early-morning school-run, the Maroon family’s MPV is arriving as the Wheelers are making their way towards the upper entrance of the school.

Not long before 08:20, Mrs PP has parked nose downhill alongside the Kingdoms’ house and the house adjoining.
Mrs FW has parked slightly downhill of the space earlier vacated by Mrs Port’s car.
Mrs Bronstein is half-running upslope on the far pavement. She doesn’t have the push-chair with her. From alongside the driveway of the house adjoining the Trimots’, she crosses the street at a shallow uphill angle and continues — all the time at the same pace — in the direction of Cypress Crescent.

By 14:00 it may have stopped raining some time ago, but the sky is still dull.

During the afternoon school-run, Mrs Mustard has parked alongside the Trimots’ house and the house adjoining.
Mrs Mustard returns to her car, with Master Mustard in the push-chair and Miss Mustard walking inboard. At the car, she lifts Master Mustard out of the push-chair, and puts him into the car at the nrd. Before she puts the push-chair into the load-area of the car, Mrs Mustard does some sorting-out and rearranging in there. She puts the push-chair’s transparent rain-cover (not folded) into the load-area, and then something that resembles a big blanket. She then puts the folded push-chair into the load-area, more gently than she did yesterday. Mrs Mustard leans forward as she puts the push-chair in — it is quite long — right at the front of the load-area.
While she is doing the sorting-out, Mrs Mustard turns her head clockwise a little, clearly having seen someone — it is Mrs Vest, who is scurrying past the CJs’ house. She crosses the street at the same pace, and gets into her car via the driver’s door.

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