Troika Thursday

Thursday 27 November 2014

First thing this morning, it is damp and rather misty.

During the afternoon school-run, Mrs Oldgreen’s car reverses uphill to park alongside the Efords’ house.
Mr Lurch’s car parks with its B-post alongside the junction-box.
Mrs Tanbrit parks by the right-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn. I see her and Thomas walking downhill past the school-house garden. Thomas, who is inboard of his mother, is wearing his yellow anorak; in his right hand he is carrying something orange which is probably a small soft toy.
Mrs PP’s car is parked about two foot to the right of Vinnie’s driveway.
The Peppers’ car descends Acacia Grove, and parks just this side of Mr Lurch’s car. Moments later I see Belle and Blanche walking downhill from the car, and then crossing the street. Belle is wearing her black coat with the grey back; she is holding Blanche’s left hand in her own right hand.
Mrs Oldgreen returns to her car, carrying a two-handled flat-bottomed wicker shopping-basket. She opens the nrd; Minnie, who has been standing on the pavement alongside the uphill end of the Efords’ driveway, now runs round to the nrd with a newly-cheerful expression on her face.
Mrs Oldgreen increasingly reminds me of someone — but of whom? The face, the hair…
Mrs Pepper and both her children have returned to the nearside of their car. She lifts Blanche up — Blanche is protesting a little — and puts her into the car at the nrd. I don’t see Sim get into the car.
Mrs Tanbrit, Mrs PP and Mrs Vest (aka “the Troika”) are ascending together past the Efords’ house. I notice Thomas Tanbrit and Master PP with them. Master PP is wearing his blue anorak. Then I see the Troika standing and chatting alongside the house adjoining the Trimots’ house. Mrs Vest is carrying Rufus — perhaps he is tired after doing a full day at school?
After a while they all cross the street, in the general direction of Mrs Tanbrit’s car. Mrs Vest probably goes her own way at this point.
Thomas Tanbrit and Master PP (the latter is to Thomas’s right, from my point-of-view) are leaning over the wall alongside the Old Man’s front lawn, at bay 5. They look a bit excited.
I hear the two women’s voices, and the children’s, but can make out little of what is said. At one point, one of the women says: “Come on, ?[Thomas].” — this is presumably said by Mrs Tanbrit. I also hear one of the women say: “…and no joke.”; and I hear some squeals from the children.
A while later, I see that both nearside doors of Mrs Tanbrit’s car are open; and the boys are no longer leaning over the wall. Mrs Tanbrit has one hand on the fpd mirror. Then Mrs PP, and Mrs Tanbrit to her left, are standing at the nearside of the car, with Master PP sitting in the nrs!
Mrs Tanbrit is standing at the offside A-post of her car; Mrs PP, holding her son’s left hand, crosses the street diagonally from uphill of the nose of the Tanbrit Ultra, towards her own car.

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