Two Zeros, too fat

Saturday 29 November 2019

When I set off to visit Naomi, a 64-registration white Zero is nose-in on one of the driveways of the GS family’s house. Ihis car must have replaced their 61-registration black Zero. I saw the new car during my last visit to Peakville, and possibly during the visit before that.
Naomi tells me that Jen and Davey now have a rescue dog called Horowitz — that is the name his former owner(s) chose for him.
I give Naomi a lift to the local small supermarket. We park in front of the supermarket, in the service road that runs along the row of shops. Naomi goes into the supermarket, and I stay in the car. While I am waiting, a black Oignon slowly drives past me in the service road. Its registration-number ends in “02FAT”.

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