Not a nightmare, not a rationalist

Sunday 8 February 2015

Early this morning I have a dream (not a nightmare) in which I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Quite a few people “crawl out of the woodwork” to visit me and wish me well. I am surprised by this, but I am not much impressed.

At about 13:30 I am getting the car ready for the drive to Naomi’s. There is warm sunshine, but there is still some unmelted snow. Most surprisingly, the Kingdoms’ car is parked nose downhill to the right-hand side of the Old Man’s garden-gate — but the Kingdoms’ driveway is vacant.
I drive off at about 13:45. Mr OS, no doubt returning from the corner shop, is at the crest of Acacia Grove. I wave to him as I drive past him, but I’m not sure whether he recognises me.
There is a new 20mph zone which includes Naomi’s street and surrounding streets.
Naomi likes to describe herself as a rationalist, but I tend to think she is more of a fantasist. The views she expounds today on the Old Testament (especially on Joseph and Moses) are bizarre — she is selective, accepting or rejecting details of the traditional narrative as she sees fit, and consequently formulating a theory that is sheer fantasy. She seeks for “hidden truth” that supposedly lies behind myths and fables, but has remained hidden until she came along. Perhaps this is one of the dangers of being an autodidact.
I also reckon that Naomi can’t exactly be called a rationalist, because she has made a religion out of the arts.
As I am about to drive off, Henry and Dorcas attract my attention — they are on the pavement. I get out of the car and we talk for a few minutes. They have just been to a service at Dorcas’s church; on Sunday mornings they go to Henry’s church.
The temperature is now quite cool. Back at the Old Man’s house, the Kingdoms’ car has gone, but their driveway is still vacant.

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