Large cast of characters

Monday 9 February 2015

At half past midnight, moonlight is shining onto the right-hand door-jamb of the Old Man’s bedroom.

Mr Briggs’ car has arrived soon after 07:25. It is parked alongside the school-house path and the upper part of the school-house garden.
Other regulars whose cars I see during today’s early-morning school-run: Mrs Wheeler, Mrs Wobbly, Mrs PP, Mrs CM, Mrs FW, Mrs Noni, Mrs Pointer, Mrs Daniels, Mr Lurch. I see Mr Tanbrit and the children on foot; and I see Mrs Port at the open fpd of her car but I don’t see Laura.
At 09:00 Mrs Sweet is returning to her car. This morning she looks to be calm, and in a good mood, and not in any great hurry. Her face is almost as attractive as that of Mrs Tanbrit.
Then Orla’s car approaches, performs a U-turn, and departs in the direction of George Street where it turns right. (When the U-turn is complete I glimpse Orla at the wheel, apparently alone in the car.) Meanwhile, Mrs Sweet’s car has also departed; and it also turns right at George Street.

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