Fern, Ivory, Vista

Tuesday 10 February 2015

At a couple of minutes past 07:00, I go out to open the drive-gates. Both my car and Mr JG’s van are frozen up. I haven’t seen any of the JGs, but unexpectedly the van’s engine starts. I go indoors to fetch the recycling-crate; when I return, a man in a grey hoodie is spraying de-icer onto the van’s windscreen and front passenger window. It must be Nash — the man is too young and slim to be Mr JG.

It is about 08:25 when Mrs Fern’s Ultra approaches from the direction of George Street, and parks by the Old Man’s front side lawn. Mrs Fern gets out, and opens the tailgate. She is wearing a royal-blue anorak.
I don’t see the Fern children get out of the car, but I see all three Ferns crossing the street at a downhill diagonal. Fifi is wearing a fawn anorak, and Freddie an orange anorak. Both children are holding hands with their mother.

In the late-morning school-run, Mrs Vista has parked alongside the lower end of the long hedge and Vinnie’s garden-gate. Mrs Ivory has parked alongside the uphill end of the Old Man’s front lawn; I see her cross the street at a downhill diagonal, as Mrs Fern did earlier.
Some time later, I see Mrs Ivory and Mrs Vista ascend together past Vinnie’s, each accompanied by her own daughter. The Vistas are outboard of the Ivorys; Mrs Vista has a printed paper in one hand, but Mrs Ivory does not. Miss Vista is wearing a dark anorak, and Miss Ivory an anorak of a subdued pink colour. Miss Ivory is swinging some red object on the end of a string dangling from her right hand; the object seems to resemble a little propellor.
Not for the first time, I notice that Mrs Ivory bears some resemblance to Mrs Mustard. She is wearing her usual brown-framed glasses. The fur trim of her anorak is smaller than that of Mrs Vista’s anorak, and it is of a nondescript pale-ish colour. The fur trim of Mrs Vista’s anorak is brownish, and it sticks up into points; it is no doubt fake fur, but it looks a bit like real fur. Mrs Vista has neck-length blonde hair (probably she has dyed it to a slightly lighter shade of blonde than is its natural colour) and a slightly pointed nose; there is some make-up on her cheeks.
Mrs Vista reaches the offside rear of her car; the Ivorys cross the street to their own car, but then cross back to the kerb on the far side and continue the chat. Mrs Vista is in front left profile mainly, and Mrs Ivory in rear right profile. The girls are inboard of their mothers; I see them sharing a private joke and then giggling as they wave to someone out of view further uphill on the far pavement of Acacia Grove. Both girls must be in Reception. Miss Vista has honey-blonde hair; she is wearing a very slender, yellow Alice-band. (She rather resembles Erin B, but is slimmer of face.)
Miss Vista gets closer to her mother, who, with her right hand, takes hold of her daughter’s narrow ponytail and twirls it round and round. The girl doesn’t seem to mind this. Then I see the girls are talking together again.
Eventually the two families separate, and the Ivorys cross the street again to their own car. Mrs Vista lifts her daughter into the car via the nrd. When Mrs Ivory’s car departs, it slips downhill a few inches, then sets off up Acacia Grove.

A little after 12:35, Mrs Forth’s silver estate car is parked nose dhownill alongside number 35.
Several minutes later, Mrs PP is ascending past the lower part of the school-house garden. She has her pensive / worried facial expression — perhaps Miss PP didn’t want to be left at nursery for the afternoon?

In the afternoon school-run, Mrs Fern’s car is parked by the middle section of the Old Man’s front lawn, just downhill of Mrs CM’s car. Mrs Pepper’s car is parked alongside Vinnie’s short hedge.
When Mrs Tanbrit returns from the school with her children, she is smiling — apparently at what the children have been saying or doing. Her hair, smooth as usual, is arranged in a bun, so her ears are exposed; they are fairly small. She is wearing a dark jacket and grey-blue denims.
Mrs Tanbrit has difficulty extricating her car from its parking-spot; it is tightly boxed in. She reverses a couple of times, but the first time she could get a lot closer than she does to the nose of the car behind. She gets her car’s nose angled out; then a woman passes by, and mimes giving Mrs Tanbrit some advice, by twirling a forefinger in the air — implying that Mrs Tanbrit should turn the steering-wheel further and/or faster. Mrs Pepper also passes by, with Blanche a few yards behind and interacting with a boy of her own age who seems slightly shorter than Blanche. The boy’s mother is also present.
Mrs Tanbrit turns her car’s front wheels from moderate right-hand lock to moderate left-hand lock, with the car stationary and close to the nose of the car behind; then she departs in the direction of George Street, where she turns left.
Mrs Pepper is at the nrd of her car. I don’t see Blanche there, but I do see Sim who looks rather aggressive. In his right hand he is holding a translucent water-bottle with a blue(?) nozzle, and he is bashing the base of the bottle against the hedge, at the level of his torso. I don’t think his mother sees him doing this. Then she must call him to the ord; he goes there and gets in. When she is about to get in at the driver’s door, I notice that she is wearing her grey-back coat; denims of quite a deep blue; and black, not very shiny boots that come up almost to her knees. Her hair is tied up at the back.

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