Mystified by Mrs PP

Friday 13 February 2015

At 08:40 approximately, Mrs Pointer’s car is parked in its customary place alongside number 35, and Mrs Vista’s car is parked alongside Vinnie’s short hedge. Miss Vista gets out via the ord; her blonde hair (today it looks straw-blonde rather than honey-blonde) is arranged in rather long side-bunches; she is wearing trousers, and black boots with black fur trim.
Mr & Mrs Wobbly return to their car which is parked alongside the upper part of the school-house garden. Mr Wobbly is carrying Miss Wobbly. He is wearing a black anorak with the hood up. Mrs Wobbly’s anorak is open, revealing a rather deep-blue scarf hanging to the left and the right of her chest. She makes for the driver’s door. Mr Wobbly puts Miss Wobbly into the car, via the nrd; he then gets in via the fpd.

Mrs Port ushers Laura into the car, via the fpd. Laura is wearing a white anorak, white socks or tights, white shoes, and absurdly large white earmuffs connected by a white band that traverses the top of her head.
When Mrs Pointer and her son return from the school, and cross the road towards their car, Master Pointer looks a bit bemused (or just cold?). I see that he is wearing a dark anorak, and a bobble-hat which has a black bobble and brim, but is of a mottled black-and-white inbetween. Once they have reached the car, Mrs Pointer opens the nrd. Master Pointer clambers in without help — his first move is to position his shins on top of the door-sill.
A black-and-white cat crosses the road, from a point between the upper entrance and the middle entrance of the school.

I go shopping at AltGroce.
It is spotting with rain when I am unloading the car. During the late-morning school-run the rain is heavier. I see Mrs Bronstein ascend past the upper part of the school-house garden and beyond. She is holding the hand of a small child inboard of her who is wearing a top with broad horizontal red and grey stripes, grey-ish trousers and light-brown boots. The child is also wearing some kind of hat. I can’t work out whether the child is a boy or a girl. To the rear is an older blonde girl wearing a pink anorak and pink boots. Mrs Bronstein is carrying an object which could be a Valentine card.
Alongside number 35, Belle is lifting Blanche into the car via the nrd. Today, the band that ties Belle’s ponytail together is positioned rather high up on the back of her head; the ponytail reaches almost to between her shoulder-blades. She is holding Blanche at her sides, not far below the armpits. Whenever Belle lifts Blanche into the car, it seems that Blanche is always facing into the passenger compartment.

At 12:30 Mrs PP’s car is parked alongside the centre-right of the Old Man’s front lawn. I see her return to the car: she looks calmer and more content than of late. Although it has been drizzling most of the morning, and the weather is chilly, Mrs PP is wearing a lightweight black jacket rather than her quilted anorak, and she is bare-headed. Her trousers and shoes (or boots) are also black.
For lunch, I go to Sandbank Shoals and fetch fish and chips. I turn into Victoria Street, and see three cats (at least two of them black-and-white) crossing the street towards the downhill end of the row of shops. The rearmost cat is half-grown; it has more white fur than black. I’m not driving fast, so the cats don’t have to scamper very quickly to get out of the way of my car.
At Sandbank Shoals, Bossy Woman and Young Girl are serving, and Very Tubby Woman is cooking.

The Wobblys’ car arrives very early — 14:25 at the latest — for the afternoon school-run, and parks by the school precinct. Mr Wobbly gets out via the fpd, and takes a look at the nearside rear corner of the car (possibly at the nearside rear wheel). Then he gets back into the car.
Nearly twenty minutes later, Miss Johnson’s car — instantly recognizable from its whimsical paint-job — is parked alongside the Trimots’ house and the house adjoining.
Mrs Pointer’s car approaches, performs a turn by the Old Man’s front lawn, then parks alongside number 35 — but almost at once moves to alongside the downhill end of number 33. There are two bumps before the car comes to a halt; perhaps it hits the kerb, perhaps it encounters a drain-cover or a pothole.
Mrs Mustard parks alongside the right-hand side of the Old Man’s front lawn, overlapping the CJs’ property.
The Peppers’ car has parked alongside Vinnie’s short hedge. Belle gets out via the driver’s door. Then I see Bart (a tall, solidly-built man with dark-blond hair) on the pavement to the nearside of the car. He is with Blanche. I don’t see either of them get out. Bart is wearing dark trousers and a dark jacket or anorak; Blanche is wearing her mottled-grey anorak.
From the pavement, Belle dashes round the tail of the car, reopens the driver’s door, and takes some small object out. She seems somewhat bothered by the rain that is falling, and sweeps her right hand back over the top of her head. (All four of the Peppers are bare-headed throughout this school-run.)
Meanwhile, Bart and Blanche have set off for the school. He is outboard of her, and they are holding hands. Blanche is skip-walking; she is clearly relaxed, and happy to be with daddy.
Belle walks round the nose of the car to the pavement, then follows Bart and Blanche. When they all cross the road, Belle is the first to reach the far side. At the boundary of the upper part of the school-house garden, she turns round to face the other two, and waits for them.
Bart and Blanche start descending towards the school as soon as they reach the far side a couple of seconds later. Belle joins them as they descend. Blanche is still skip-walking.
Mrs PP ascends past Vinnie’s short hedge, accompanied by a man and by Master PP. Miss PP is not with them. Mrs PP has reverted to wearing her dark quilted anorak, but she is bare-headed.
All four of the Peppers are returning, and are crossing the road. Bart has a moustache and what looks like a goatee beard; he is wearing dark-framed glasses; his hair is parted from the left temple to the crown of his head. He seems to have a good head of hair. His age is probably between 35 and 40. Bart is interacting with Blanche, in a moderately jocular manner.
Blanche presumably gets into the car via the nrd. Sim heads round the tail of the car to the ord. As he passes the mid-point of the car’s tail, I see and hear him cough, just once.
The Peppers’ car turns left at George Street. The time is now 15:15. Mrs PP’s car descends past the Old Man’s house, and heads off in the direction of Cypress Crescent.
Only a couple of minutes later, Mrs PP’s car is parked nose uphill alongside the middle of the Old Man’s front lawn. She and Master PP set off for the school. I notice that the back of Mrs PP’s light-orange blouse is showing about six inches below the hem of her anorak. The boy’s trainers are of a darker orange but with white soles. He is walking with an “ankle-rolling” gait.
When they return from the school, Miss PP is with them. She is wearing her red anorak. When they are about to cross the road, Mrs PP picks the girl up, and carries her from there to the car. I now see that Mrs PP has the two back-straps of the girl’s pink backpack looped over her right wrist. As the PP family approach the car, I reflect that Master PP is much less aggressive-looking and naughty-looking than Sim Pepper. (Sim was well-behaved this afternoon, under his father’s eye.)
Then, at the car, I hear and see Mrs PP get a little annoyed with the kids. Standing on the roadway at the offside of her car, she calls out a two-syllable word — no doubt a name — once or twice. (This afternoon, Mrs PP has been looking tired and disgruntled again.) She lifts her daughter into the car at the ord. Master PP gets in at the nrd.
Mrs PP drives off up Acacia Grove very soon after getting into the car. She is going quite fast.
Once last visit and once this visit, I have seen Mrs PP fetch the boy from school, drive off, then a few minutes later return with him, park, and fetch the girl. I absolutely do not understand what this is all about.

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