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Saturday 14 February 2015

The day starts quite murky. Later this morning it is less murky, and I go for a walk. Mr JG’s van is parked alongside the CJs’ house, on the grass (or mud!) verge. When I pass the Wobblys’ house, a Media is nose-in on the driveway, but there is no sign of Mrs Wobbly’s car.
Two trees on the Village Green are scheduled to be felled. At their base, large twigs are lying, no doubt lopped off when the trees were inspected — or did they fall off in high winds? The trees are 30-40 foot high, and must be decades old. It seems a shame, when neither tree is near any building.
I return to the Old Man’s house at about 10:20. Indoors, I can hear Charlie and (especially) Karl in the CJs’ house.
At 14:00 I go to visit Naomi, returning at about 16:45. We discuss the book Democracy: A Very Short Introduction, the film Dead Of Night (which she found very creepy, but liked), and Tchaikovsky’s string quartet number 2.
Naomi’s eczema is bad at the moment. Dorcas has given her a tub of E45 cream.
Naomi doesn’t think much of Tony Blair as a public speaker, politician or Prime Minister. She used to vote Labour, but now reckons no party or candidate is worth voting for.

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