Cheerful shopper

Monday 16 March 2015

A couple of minutes before 09:00, Mrs PP, Mrs Vest and a third woman are chatting by the paved front garden and driveway of the Ports’ house. (I have seen the third woman before. She is wearing a big white knitted bonnet with a bobble on top, and an anorak with a camouflage-like pattern of dark and olive blotches.)

At Cheerful Market, I park not far from the entrance to the car-park. As I head along the path towards the entrance of Cheerful Market, I glimpse a silver Escargot to my left, further downslope than my car is. “Belle?” I wonder. I know it’s unlikely to be her car.
On my return to the car-park, I go further downslope than I need to, and pass by the nearside of the Escargot, with another car between me and it. The silver Escargot’s registration-number confirms that this is indeed Belle’s car.

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