Embarrassing dinosaur

Tuesday 17 March 2015

During the late-morning school-run, Belle and Blanche return from the school. Blanche ascends further than Belle, and passes out of view; Belle must call her back, though I don’t hear her voice; they both cross the road from alongside the Efords’ driveway. Mrs Vest and her son Rufus are approaching the ord of their car. Mrs Vest is carrying a stuffed or inflatable toy: a bipedal dinosaur of the cartoon-Tyrannosaurus type; it is about eigteen inches tall, and is mainly of a greenish colour but the inside of its mouth is yellow IIRC, and its tummy may also be yellow.
Belle passes by, on her way to her silver Escargot. Both women have a laugh about the dinosaur — especially Mrs Vest, who also seems rather embarrassed about having to take the dinosaur home. (Perhaps it is the class mascot? I’ve never seen it before.) Mrs Vest’s face, in front left profile, has reddened a little when she is laughing — and that redness isn’t just her usual makeup.
I think Mrs Vest puts the dinosaur into the car via the ord; no doubt Rufus wants to hold the dinosaur, or at least have it next to him.

After lunch I take some daffodils to the CJs. Mr CJ is in pain after a hernia operation that was performed at midnight[!] — the surgeon was running behind schedule.
At about 13:45 I set off for Suburbia Somnolenta.

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