Doctors and tenants

Thursday 2 April 2015

First thing, the roadway outside the Old Man’s house is drying off.
This turns out to be a sunny morning, but not a warm one.

At about 11:00, I go for coffee at the CJs’, taking some daffodils freshly cut from the border at the side of the Old Man’s driveway.
Mrs CJ tells me that the couple at number 17 have split up, and the man has moved out.
Milton Goldstein’s daughter and boyfriend were going to move in to the Goldsteins’ house, but they also have split up. The house has been renovated, with a new bathroom.
It was some people up Acacia Rise who told Mrs CJ that Vinnie had died.
Mr CJ has been suffering from pain; he has seen all four doctors at the surgery, but the diagnosis of his problem is neither clear nor unanimous. Dr F has returned to the surgery as a locum after her retirement, and was astounded that Dr K had given Mr CJ a prescription for morphine — he had previously been on a combination of paracetamol and tramadol. Mr CJ is now able to take Amos for a walk only once per day, in the middle of the afternoon.
Del and Della have had a bad experience with tenants, whom they have given notice to quit. The tenants blocked the toilet by flushing baby-wipes down it, they broke the door of a cupboard, and they allowed their children to draw on the walls. The woman was so rude to the plumber that he refused to go back to the house.

After a light lunch, I go to visit Naomi. I trim her hedge. Afterwards we talk about Aspects of the Novel by E.M.Forster, and about foreign films.
The weather this afternoon is much the same as it was earlier.

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