Of Ojays and others

Friday 3 April 2015

There is rain this morning, so I stay indoors. It is about 12:00 when Amos starts whining and yowling. Mr CJ eventually shouts at him to be quiet — I hear this from the sun-lounge.
Shortly after 14:00 I seize my chance now that the rain has stopped, and I go for a walk. When I pass the GS family’s house, I notice that no cars are parked there.
On Maldis Street, the Ojays’ car is parked alongside number 29. Mrs Ojay seems to have just come out from the house, and is standing by the closed nrd of the car. She has a blonde ponytail. Inboard of her is Miss Ojay, a blonde who is probably aged seven or eight, and Master Ojay who is approximately four years old. The boy has curly blond hair; he is wearing a red anorak, and he is taking a drink from a red drink-bottle that he is holding in one hand. All three of the Ojays are facing away from me as I pass by.

No-one is working on the allotments further along Maldis Street, even though they all seem well-kept.
In the cemetery, I note familiar surnames on the gravestones, some of which have been levelled. I don’t know whether anyone is buried in this cemetery whom I knew in life.
I walk further downhill on William Street, then back on the opposite pavement. By the time I reach the crossroads, it has started to rain, though not all that heavily. I pass along Despard Street, then ascend Victoria Street.
When I was a child, there used to be a huge tree to the rear of a house on Cypress Crescent, near the corner of Victoria Street. It must have pre-dated all the houses on the Acacia Estate. When was it chopped down?
On the right-hand side of Victoria Street, a few houses downhill of the bend, there is a skip at the front of the driveway of a semi. The skip contains the frame of a cot, the box of a Hetty, and numerous other items. Surely some of all that could have been sold, given away, or recycled?
There are no cars on the driveway of the Wobblys’ house.
I get back to the Old Man’s house shortly after 15:00.

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