Motley Maxi

Saturday 4 April 2015

Early this morning, I see via the kitchen window that two daffodils are budding in the daffodil-patch by the side of the garage.
By 09:00, Mr Trimot’s car has gone, and at 09:23 Mr Port’s van has gone.
Not long after 11:15, while I am doing the washing-up, Mr OS ascends past the Thonboroughs’ driveway. This is the first time I have seen him this visit. Dangling from his left hand is a pale-red shopping-bag.
For lunch, I go to Sandbank Shoals for fish and chips. On the way there, near Club Court, an Austin Maxi (a very rare sight nowadays) emerges from a side-street to my left. The car has body-panels of more than one colour, including pale blue.
When I arrive at Sandbank Shoals, a man and a blonde woman are standing outside, slightly to the right of the door. She is laying down the law about something or someone, but it seems clear that it isn’t the man that she is angry with.
There is only one other customer in the shop. Young Girl and Cushioned Girl are serving; it is the latter who serves me. Very Tubby Woman is doing the cooking, accompanied by a young man. Another person, probably a young woman, is in the back room.
The batter on the fish is fairly thin, but the fish itself (a long piece, of a good size) is tasty. The chips are also tasty, but slightly soft. All the food is well drained, but not very warm.
The weather has been cloudy today, but soon after 12:30 the sun breaks through.
At about 13:30 I depart for Suburbia Somnolenta. As I expect, the traffic on the way there is fairly light — the journey takes just over three hours.

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