Mini and Ultra

Sunday 19 April 2015

Shortly before 09:50, a man crosses the street diagonally, towards the boundary between the Old Man’s property and the CJs’. With him are two little dogs on longish leads, one dog to each side of him. The dogs’ fur is white but with a strong yellow-brown tinge. I have seen these dogs before, in the company of a stocky older woman who walks very slowly.

At 10:00 I go for a walk, which lasts forty minutes. I set off in the direction of Cypress Crescent. Eventually I head straight down Cypress Road.
I continue past Bert’s, until I come to the fork in the road. As I approach the fork, a J-prefix Mini is descending from the crest of the main road; the sound of its engine is very sporty. It turns sharp left at the fork. The Mini is red, and it has a competitor-number on the driver’s door. I follow where the Mini has gone.
I go up the side-street from which the Austin Maxi emerged on 4 April. There is no sign of the Maxi, but the maroon Maladroit is parked up that street.
The Peppers’ silver Escargot is nose-out on their driveway; next to the offside of the Escargot, nose-in, is a little red hatchback.
At the school, three small windows are open in the upper storey.
I keep forgetting how rough and damaged the surface of number 35’s driveway is. That driveway is vacant when I pass by.
An electric-green Ultra is parked alongside the Old Man’s front side lawn, nose uphill. It is (I think) 51-registration; and it is not the Ferns’ car.
Not long after 12:15, I see that the Ultra has gone.
At about 14:45 I set off for Suburbia Somnolenta. With me I take the twelve daffodils from near the garage — I have cut them shortly before my departure.
Two potholes further along Acacia Grove have been patched, alongside Mrs PM’s house and the house before it.
My journey is easy, thanks to light traffic. The weather is intermittently sunny.
At Suburbia Somnolenta, I find that the CH family are away.

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