Mrs Zebex in a hurry

Wednesday 6 May 2015

As the time approaches 15:15, two women are standing and chatting near the boundary between the Efords’ house and the house adjoining. One of the women is wearing an anorak with the hood up; the other is bare-headed. The latter woman is tall and slim; I have seen her on my recent visits.
The conversation is soon brought to an end, when the tall slim woman’s daughter says something to her which makes her grimace wryly — the woman is in front left-hand profile, and bent forward a little towards her daughter. Mother and daughter then run upslope to the white Rubin which is parked nose-in on the driveway of the house next to the Kingdoms’ house. They reach the nrd of the Rubin.
A minute later, the Rubin is heading in the direction of George Street, where it turns left. I recognise the car’s registration-number; the driver must be Mrs Zebex. Why did I not realise that this tall slim woman was her?

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